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    Hope your Summer is going well! 
   The weather did not cooperate for the Lansing Rally and attendance was lighter than expected. Thanks to everyone who rode in the rain to attend and support motorcycle rights and freedom. As you have probably heard the people in Lansing passed a Insurance reform bill in the middle of the night with no public attendance which will be a terrible bill for motorcyclist's. There will be a lot of discussion on this.
   The Field Meet was great. The weather was perfect. The campground was really nice. Pam and George worked hard to get this to come together, and worked hard all weekend to keep everything running smooth. I think this was one of the few times I have been in Gaylord where it wasn't raining or snowing! I tried to beat the rain on the ride home, but the sky's opened up south of Alma and we got a little damp. Oh well, It was a free shower.
   There is not a whole lot of news to report at the moment, but i did read an interesting article by Rod Taylor, ABATE of Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois Attorney.
   Rod wrote; The US District Court of Southern New York commands you to appear for a trial that may last 4-5 weeks. You live in Illinois 800 miles away. The government may pay for your lodging and expenses, but you have a job, a family, a life. New York is 800 miles away. What do you do? Do you have to go? This really happened to someone. The subpoena said no exceptions. According to Rod, "no" you don't have to go. Rule 45 limits the federal governments power to interfere in private citizens life. Normally a Federal subpoena is only good for 100 miles.Apparently the federal government sent this subpoena knowing it was unenforceable.You can go voluntarily, or the government can come to you to take your statement but you are not be required to travel to New York if its more than 100 miles away.
   Awareness donations are, Mike Meyers, Ron Sangster Jr., and Regions 17, and 6. Life members are Dave Vanetten and Robert Hicks. Thanks to everyone for your donations, And for coming out to, and supporting both State, and Regional events 
      Be careful out there.

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