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Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

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   Well, we are that much closer to Spring than we were a month ago. We will get there. As you are probably aware, the Pizza and Pop has been set for April 28th. I will have Awareness signs there if your region needs to get some. Please try and pay for your signs at the time of pickup.
   If you have not emailed your Rep. please d so. Even if you just say “Hi, I am a motorcyclist and I look forward to discussing motorcycle issues with you.” Email is the preferred choice of contact.
   You will have received your raffle tickets for the raffle bike. This is our biggest fund raiser so if you can buy a ticket that helps a lot. If you can’t buy a ticket please return your tickets to your RC or Mimi.
   I have Field Meet tickets available. I you want to get the discount rate, get your tickets by May31st.We will have the general membership meeting at the Field Meet on Sunday morning which basically will allow you to vote for who you want on the board. We typically do this in January but with the Covid deal everything has been moved around.
   A couple of newsworthy items; Motorcycle fatalities dropped by 1/2 percent in 2019, the third year in a row fatalities have dropped according to NHTSA. The governor of California signed an executive order That would require all vehicles sold after 2035 to be emissions free.
   There are over 30 states that allow freedom of choice regarding helmet use.The highest motorcycle fatality rate is in the state of Mississippi, which has a mandatory helmet law. The lowest motorcycle fatality rate is in the state of Montana, which has no helmet law. Finally a study done by Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety fond that 61% of all motorcyclists killed were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.
   We have two new RCs, Dan Dan for Region 12, and Robert Meloche for Region 8. Board member Joy Gerow has taken the position of Awareness Office. She will be working with Leroy to help get the word out to “Look Twice Save a Life.”
   We have a lot of new Life Members. As a reminder you can get a metal membership card from Sally at products. Any member can get the metal cards but if your a Life Member you dont have to worry about it going thru the washer and replacing it.
   New Life Members are, Lady Fred, Ward Good, Matt Rogers, Jason Cartwright, and Kyle Hunsaker, Awareness donations are from Matt Rogers and Douglas Snable.

New metal membership cards.
Life Memberships cards are gold, and regular membership cards are white.
$5.00 each
Contact Sally: 734 972-7134

or Eric: 269 435-2058 to place your order.

Secretary Report

Contact State of Michigan Secretary : abatemichsecretary@frontier.com
Phone: 269 435-2058