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Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Secretary Report

Contact State of Michigan Secretary : abatemichsecretary@frontier.com
Phone: 269 435-2058

      Now that the holidays are behind us, it is time to get back to the businesses of freedom fighting. I wish I could tell you the results of the by-law proposals and elections but it is a week before the seminar.
   We now have a media person. Brandy Perdue has graciously taken on this position. Thank you Brandy for taking on this responsibility!
   The Pizza and Pop day will be Thursday, February 20th starting at 11:00 AM. If someone from your region cant attend, contact Jim Rhoades so that he can talk to your Rep or Senator. Hopefully by then we will also have a House Bill in place regarding the insurance fiasco.
   We will have Field Meet tickets available at the Seminar. It will be back in Rapid City this year at the West Side Campground. This should help getting everyone thinking about summer. $15.00 per person, $25.00 per couple ‘til May 31st. After May 31st the price will be $25.00 per person. Electricity will be $10.00 per plugged in cord. You can contact me for tickets too at 
269 435-2058.
   I will be sending out American Income Life Insurance brochures again in the next few weeks. I normally do this every two years as a courtesy to American Income Life. If you want to add, or discuss insurance options with them, fill out the card and send it to them. If you dont want anything from them throw the brochure in the trash. Unless you have an issue with being hassled, or have a rude person contact you, please don’t bitch to me about getting the brochure. Regardless of what you do, you will still have the $3500.00 in accidental death and dismemberment as long as you’re a current member.

   Members of the year are: Region 1, Joe Chavis, Region 3, Paul Mort, Region 4, Gary Slawter, Region 5, Cindy Melouche, Region, 6 Randy Adams, Region 7, Butch Brown, Region 10, Debra Townsend,  Region 11, Rich Magilla Snooks, Region 12, Joy and Gary Gerow, and Melisa Moore, Region 13, Jinx, Region 14, Joe and Laurie Drowgowski, Region 15, Sherry Huff, Region 17, Barbie Clairmont, Region 18, Teresa Lady T Trosin, Region 19, Vince Piacenti, Region 20, Brandi Frog Miller, Region 22, Shelia Lawson.
Don Healey Award: Bo Sporer and Richard Lasko. Congratulations to you all, for all your hard work and efforts to promote freedom and safety!

We lost the following members, Fiz, Joe Walker, and Dennis Skielink.

   Mimi has taken over the position of the Bike Raffle Chairperson. All current members will get bike raffle tickets. If you don’t want to purchase a ticket, please return them to me, your RC, or Gerry. Don't send any nasty notes or make any calls bitching about receiving them. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

   Awareness donations are Shiny Bob, and Tim Hojna.

See you soon.

New metal membership cards.
Life Memberships cards are gold, and regular membership cards are white.
$5.00 each
Contact Sally: 734 972-7134

or Eric: 269 435-2058 to place your order.