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Secretary Report

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Phone: 269 435-2058

 Sunny days and warm breezes cant be far away now, even though most of the state still has a lot of snow on the ground.

         While the push is on to get E15 in the fuel supply year round nationwide. the State of Maine has a couple of Bills proposed that would allow ethanol free fuel sales.The Bills recognize the damage ethanol can do to plastic, rubber, and metals, which leads to engine and parts failure.

          Our governor has proposed a 45 cent fuel tax increase. If this passes, we would have the highest fuel tax in the country. I thought the fuel tax increase, and the increase in license plate fees which was passed a few years ago was going to fix the roads In my opinion, if this passes the roads should last a lot longer, since it should kill the tourist industry, and greatly reduce the amount of traffic, since all but only the very wealthy would curtail their driving. The cost of a pizza delivery would skyrocket. On the plus side maybe motorcycle sales would increase. Maybe there would be a whole lot more motorcycles riding in the snow in January. 

   Awareness donators are Daryl Seder Jr and Francesca Seder, Rachael Weaver, Chuck and Jeanie Manning, Terry Hauer and Chuck Abbott, Buckfire and Buckfire, Floyd Balyeat, and Pete Kazelas. Scott Rydman became a life member.

   Don’t forget to get your Field Meet tickets. We need your presence at the Freedom Rally in Lansing. Try and attend.

Be careful out there.