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Secretary Report

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    May is Motorcycle Awareness Month! "Look Out for Motorcycles!"
A lot going on this time of year. We have the Freedom Rally in Lansing, and the Field Meet in Wolverine, not to mention all the other Regional events going on. No excuse for not finding something to do.
   In the news; Democratic Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez introduced a resolution that would, within the decade, eliminate internal combustion engines, eliminate cow farting, and create economic security for all, including higher education, jobs, wages, housing and health care. 
   According to the Motorcycle Industry Council more households than ever have at least one motorcycle,which is currently at 8.02%
   Quebec may outlaw winter motorcycles operations from December15th to March 15th. 
   All charges have been dropped against the remaining defendants in the Twin Picks shooting. Over 200 people were arrested and charged nearly 4 years ago. There were 0 convictions, and nearly 1.5 million dollars were spent on prosecutions, which was funded in part by American tax payers thru federal grants. Numerous lawsuits have been filed by those arrested and charged.
   Sally has created new metal membership cards which were well received at the board meeting April 7th. Life Memberships cards are gold, and regular membership cards are white. The price will be $ 5.00 for the metal card. Contact Sally in products, or Eric to order yours. 
   Don't forget to order your Field Meet tickets before June 1st for the discount price. 
   Awareness donations, Tom Bray, Art and Judy Miller, Reg.14, John Macdonell, Joe and Kim Walker, Mike Poage, and Swartz Creek Driving School. Gwen Carter became a Life Member.
   Have a good summer and ride defensively.

New metal membership cards.
Life Memberships cards are gold, and regular membership cards are white.
$5.00 each
Contact Sally: 734 439-7376

or Eric: 269 435-2058 to place your order.

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