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Secretary Report

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     Welcome to fall!

        Hope we can still get some riding in before the snow flies.

        The MRF Conference was great. There were 22 members of ABATE of Michigan in attendance. Jim Rhoades was inducted into the MRF Hall Of Fame. There was even an ABATE member from Liberia in attendance. I believe ABATE of Liberia started last year so ABATE is truly a worldwide organization

        California will no longer allow any carbon emissions effective in 2035. That means that all gas or diesel engines will no longer be allowed to be manufactured in 2035 in California. Also, CARB, [California Air Resources Board] has started the process of increasing fees on OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. CARB certifies all parts and motorcycles in California. The motorcycle industry has great concerns with this fee increase, as it could greatly impact all aspects of the industry. CARB says the fee is needed to offset the cost of enforcement and operations As a side note, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order that will ban all carbon emissions by 2050.

   NHTSA has a web site that will allow you to track autonomous vehicles that are being tested. It is

   There are some by-law proposals that if approved by the board will be on the ballot in January. They will be in next month’s Michigan Rider.
Dave McKinnon from Region 3 is running for the Board of Directors. Dave Berg has taken over the position of RC in Region 3.

   The Seminar will be held in Saginaw at the same place as last year.

   You will be getting or have received an email with a link that will allow you to contact your Reps. and ask them to support SB528. All you have to do is put your name and address in and hit send. The letter is already pre -written and it will be sent to your particular Rep. Please take the time to fill it out. It only takes 45 seconds.

   Awareness donations are Thomas Laws, Denise Reynolds, And Martin and Michelle Gorski. Business member is Nolan Auctions.

  Till next month


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