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Secretary Report

Contact State of Michigan Secretary : abatemichsecretary@frontier.com
Phone: 269 435-2058

   The Seminar worked out great. Pam did an excellent job bringing it all together. The motel, despite some concerns with their requirements seemed to work out well.

   The proposed by-laws all passed. The updated by-laws will be available on the website and in the Michigan Rider. The board officers remain the same. Joy Gerow and Merry Garrett were added to the board. Cherri Lecurgo, Mimi Spomer, and Ed Bear Schuitema, were added as trustees. All the new board members and trustee's contact info will be in the Rider and the website. I want to thank all the new board members and trustee's for giving a shit.

   The yearly membership fee will go up to $30.00 a year if you elect to receive the Michigan Rider by mail. Effect June 15th, 2020. You can avoid this $5.00 a year increase by renewing before June 15th or renewing for two years. The printing company who prints the Rider has had cost increases over the years and has had to pass those increases on to ABATE. I hope everyone understands this.

   A bit of news; The Office of the United States Trade Representative has proposed trade tariffs on motorcycles with an engine between 500cc and 700cc, along with parts and accessories imported from the European Union. Motorcyclists rode a little less in 2018 than 2017 by about 1%. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York vetoed a bill that would have lifted restrictions on electric scooters and bicycles because the bill didn't include a helmet requirement.

   Bo Sporer and Richard Lasko were recipients of the Don Healy Award at the Seminar this year. Awareness donations for the month are Reg. 14, signs, Reg. 6, signs, Jean Fulton, signs, Reg. 7, signs, Reg. 22, signs, Reg. 21, signs, and Mike Poage, Awareness. Edvin Kalnins, and Mike and Shelly Weiderhold

   There will be a new system put in place to purchase awareness signs. Contact Gary Kopta with your order fill out a purchase form and send your check to treasurer Gary Kopta. Gary will immediately contact Hotrod with your order. If you need purchase forms, contact Eric. There will probably be some glitches at first, but once everyone gets use to it, things should fall into place.

   Recently you may have gotten emails from Vince asking for bail money, gift cards etc.… Ignore these requests. It’s a scam. If Vince ever needs bail money, he will call in person.

Awareness Yard Sign Form - PDF

New metal membership cards.
Life Memberships cards are gold, and regular membership cards are white.
$5.00 each
Contact Sally: 734 972-7134

or Eric: 269 435-2058 to place your order.