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​​ABATE of Michigan promotes safety, educational and awareness programs
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  • Motorcycle Safety Coaches/Instructors
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach
  • Preparation Course
  • Macomb Coach Prep Requirements 

State and National certification as a Motorcycle Safety foundation (MSF) RiderCoach will be offered to select candidates who have extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and enthusiastic drive to successfully complete the 80-hour coach Preparation course.
In addition to the following list of requirements, student who are selected as coach candidates will be expected to complete a pre-course assignment and attend all classroom, range and student teaching sessions


  • Possess a valid operator's license with motorcycle endorsement
  • Be not less than 18  years of age
  • Have a personal driving record with no more than 6 points in the past 12 consecutive months​
  • Be an active motorcyclist- i.e. currently operate a street motorcycle on a frequent, routine basis ( approximately 1000 mile or more per riding season)
  • Commitment to all aspects of motorcycle rider safety and education

Enroll in a MSF Performance Based course prior to acceptance in the coach preparation course in order for skills to be evaluated.

Coach Prep. applications are available by calling 586 498 4000 or by email to: 
motorcycle@macomb.edu. No student may be registered without permission from the Regional Coordinator and Chief Instructor: V. Consiglio
Center for Continuing Education

Advanced Rider Course

ARC, the Advanced Rider Course, is the public version of the military sport bike course.  It is the “best” Motorcycle Safety Foundation course out there for riders of all types of motorcycles to take on their own motorcycle.  The classroom is a small group discussion format.  This is an interactive classroom.  There is a Knowledge Test in the classroom.   Any street motorcycle can be used.  No loan motorcycles will be available for this course.  If you can’t do the exercises on the bike you ride on the street, maybe you should not be riding it on the street.  The challenge level is higher in this course.  This course is not for someone who just completed a beginning rider course.  It is designed for a street rider who wants to improve their skill level.  A cycle endorsement is required.   

Why is this course only $25.00?  Because it is supported by a federal grant in 2011, for the Detroit area.  The motorcycle fatalities in southeast Michigan are the highest in the state.

The speeds and techniques used in the course require a full size range.  The 1st range exercise is Basic Control.
The objectives are to practice basic control, improve control using low speed techniques, and warm the tires.  Next is Quick Stops.  The objective here is to improve quick stops, practice stops, and evasion techniques.  Next is a stopping demonstration to show the effects of speed, and the effects of intersections.  Next is Curve Adjustments.  This is a fun exercise using two upper body positions, adjusting speed and path in a curve.  Next is Cornering & Swerving with the goal of using a different body position in cornering, and a different body position in swerving.  Then the next exercise is Multiple Curves, which aims to improve skills in curves.  Next is Decreasing Radius Curves, where a rider must corner skillfully and come to a judgment quick stop.  The last range exercise is called Gap Analysis & Safety Margins.  The riders must change riding paths and intermix in a traffic scenario.  There is a riding circuit skills test in the Detroit area.

These classes will only be offered in Warren, at Macomb Community College, 586 498-4000, or at the Schoolcraft College Public Safety Center in Livonia , 734 462-4452;  www.schoolcraft.edu/cepd/motorcycle .   The class is FUN and the skills covered are skills that can make a difference in survival on a motorcycle.

Vince Consiglio, President of ABATE, Detroit-Metro Regional Coordinator

Advanced Rider Course-ARC

Q & A

What is the Advanced Rider Course? 

It is the public version of the Military Sport Bike Rider Course. 

Why was it developed?  

A high number of military fatalities were recorded by service men riding sport bikes in the states. 

What is the overall aim of the ARC? 

The overall aim is to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices.

 Can any bike be used in the ARC? 

For the ARC any bike may be used.  Coaching on the range will be tailored to each rider for their specific motorcycle. 

What are the range exercises for the ARC? 

There are eight:  Basic Control, Quick Stops, Stopping Demonstration, Curve Adjustments, Cornering and Swerving, Multiple Curves, Decreasing Radius Curves, Gap Analysis and Safety Margins. 

Where will it be held in Michigan in 2011?  The course will be held in Warren, Livonia, and maybe Milford.  Because of the design of the course and the higher speeds, a full size range must be used.  The parking lot used for the range must have a good traction surface. 

Does a rider use their own bike?

Yes.  No loan bikes will be supplied in Michigan. 

Does the bike need to be a sport bike?  

No.  All kinds and sizes can be used.  The student motorcycles will be safety inspected before the riding begins. 

What system is used to inspect the motorcycles? 

T-CLOCS= Tires and Wheels, Controls, Light, Oil, chassis, Stands.

 Is a cycle endorsement required? 

Yes.  Each rider must provide their motorcycle, cycle endorsement, insurance, and must be experienced with their motorcycle. 

How much does it cost? 

The cost of the course is $25.00.

Are passenger allowed?


Why should anyone take this class?

 It’s FUN, and it helps improve your riding skill and judgment.

 Is the classroom boring? 

The classroom size is limited to 12.  This is done to keep the interaction at a maximum level. 

Why is it offered only in southeast Michigan?

 2011 is the 1st year this course will be offered in Michigan.  All coaches are required to attend a 3 day update on teaching the Advanced Rider Course.  Coach materials are $100.00. 

What happened to the Experienced Rider Course? 

The Advanced Rider Course was superior to the ERC in the classroom, riding, and skill testing. 

How do I register? 

Good Question.  A limited amount of scheduled classes are available.  The Macomb Community College schedule is out, and registration is available.  Schoolcraft College’s schedule will be posted on their web site.