Hi everyone from your state rep!

First business I’m asking all my assistants to push H2 at your meetings. It only takes a couple minutes to go to the MRF site and address a prewritten letter that will go to each area reps in DC.

Next, we need any members that has an expired membership to please renew!

There are some regions that haven’t renewed! Also, some clubs and/or dealerships.

I sent out postcards to remind you also if you’re not getting a reminder directly from MRF let me know I intend to discuss this at the MOTM rep meeting. Speaking of meeting of the minds assistant reps that go if you turn in your receipt for your registration to state treasurer you will get back some of the cost.

I’m asking as many members to go that can! We need to show support for Jim Rhoades who is going to be put into the MRF’s Hall of Fame! Congratulations Jim well deserved.

After Sept 1st the prices will increase so do it as soon as possible.

There will be ABATE/COC members friends of Jim’s to show their support.

I would like to thank DOC from the MRF on becoming a Life member of ABATE OF MICHIGAN!

Welcome aboard sir.

Well that’s it for this issue hope to see a lot of you at the MOTM.

Jinx MRF State Rep

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


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