​Hello everyone from the cold north! Let’s all hope that groundhog doesn’t see his shadow. 
Here in Michigan we are still fighting with the insurance people. That’s our number one goal to get a change for the good of bikers.
 Also watching SMARTER who are trying to get helmets back on our heads. 
Don’t want to have to fight that from the start so all eyes are open for sure.
 Hope others are having better luck then I’ve had trying to get officials to return phone calls or messages. 
 Michigan had to cancel our January seminar because of COVID. That’s where I sign up MRF members. Just means I’ll have to kick butt other places.
 Need everyone to sign up regular and sustaining member and clubs!
 Remember without MRF ,ABATE and COC’s we would be in a world of trouble!!!
Hopefully we will be able to have BIKERS ON THE BELTWAY this year MRF are going forward with plans.
 Last but not least this years MOTM’s will be held in Atlanta Ga. September 23-26.
Hope there’s another good turnout!!!
  Until next time think SPRING and warm weather!
Michigan MRF State Rep.
Tom Rahn Jinx

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


Phone: 517 812-7602 

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