Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Hi everyone,

I’ll start off by saying the meeting of the minds was a great success!

Wednesday was committee meeting from noon to six.

Thursday was board meeting and meet the board. Reports were given from

People representing states that were there as to what is going on in there areas

Vince and I are right now working to find out what happened to the Michigan state funding that we didn’t receive.

The biggest thing going on is our fight with the states new insurance law going to take effect July 1, 2020.

We do have a bill to amend it SB528. We HAVE to get this passed because they are hurting all motorcyclists.

There is going to be a big push for membership in both the MRF and ABATE!

Michigan took 1st in most signed up clubs 5yrs now! Also this year took top in regular membership.

Thanks to everyone for giving a shit!!

We still need people to contact their congressman to sign on to our profiling bill! So far we have 94 co-sponsors. Keep calling the more the better.

If you haven’t gone on you-tube to listen to Hollywood on Insane Throttle do so! He has some very interesting things he and others talk about. He is a big promoter of MRF and ABATE. You can also interact.

For my Michigan people PLEASE PLEASE get on the phone and call! Everyone counts let’s git’er done! Not much time left. We don’t want to have to start all over again.

There are 3 states that have been able to pass anti-profiling bills so far. But we are aiming for nation wide.

Thanks for all you do.

Michigan State Rep. Jinx

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn

Phone: 517 812-7602 

ABATE of Michigan Inc.
P.O. Box 99
​Constantine, Mi. 49042

​Phone: 269 435-2058