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Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Hi fellow freedom fighters!

Don’t forget the MRF dues are going up May 1st $5.

We need everyone to sign on the call to action ! House resolution 255. This is the new one on profiling. Let’s get it done this year. It will only take a minute of your time.

There was a meeting with the EPA in Ann Arbor in March. At which Vince and myself spoke on the panel. We also had support that came to listen. ABATE, COC, AMA, DNR and the boating reps. Along with farmers from Michigan and other states. This meeting was to the concern about selling and how the E15 & E85 are sold ( pump wise) labeled or separate pumps.

It can not be used in our bikes. Some manufacturers will void your warranty. And it is already being sold in Michigan and other states. So be sure to watch the pumps!

MRF members Vince Consiglio, Tim Polk, Patty and morning self will be going to DC for BITB this year in May. Wish we could take more but with budget it’s not possible this year.

One last thing with riding season started please be extra careful! There has already been 3 people killed and 1 in the hospital in my area.

Ride safe


MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


Phone: 517 812-7602