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MRF will be putting out a call to action for our SB528! So watch for it and do your part to answer it. It will only take a minute.

I’ve invited several states to come to our freedom rally June 3. Hope they will come and voice their feelings on how the new insurance will affect them.

We will be going to Bikers inside the Beltway on May 17 to meet with the reps from Michigan to voice our concerns that affect us in Michigan.

I’m asking all RC’s to start in April to call their region congress and senate to get me a time to see them on May 18 & 19. With either themselves or a legislative Rep.

Our cosponsors are up to 136 for the profiling bill. Keep up the good work everyone.

Here is the new contact information for MRF

Address change is PO Box 250 Highland Illinois 62249. Phone is Paulette @ 202-546-0983. To contact the director of government affairs it is still Tiffany at phone 202-725-5471.

Please keep pushing for new and renewal members! We need the MRF to fight the fights on the national level.


Your state rep. and assistant reps.


ABATE of Michigan Inc.
P.O. Box 99
​Constantine, Mi. 49042

​Phone: 269 435-2058

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn

Phone: 517 812-7602