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Hi folks!!

I know some loose interest reading so. I’m going to start by reminding everyone about the Meeting of the Minds! It’s in Indiana at the Waterfront Hotel 2930 waterfront pleat w drive Indianapolis Indiana call 317-299-8400 for hotel. $84 a night with cutoff date September 1 for this rate. Pre-registration for classes and 9 meals!! $145 for members and $155 non-members. Any questions contact MRF office at 202 546-0983. 
Despite all the lock downs happening around the world MRF is still hard at work on Capital Hill! HR 1024 profiling. HR5234 & SR3249 motorcyclist advisory council reauthorization act.
HR5434 & 2602 RPM Act this is all part of HR2 which passed the house! Now it’s time to sign onto the one for the senate. Push this to all your friend , enemies members anyone you know! To all regions and clubs renew your sustaining membership! If your unsure if any memberships are due contact myself or your region MRF rep.
Thank you for doing what you can for MRF!!

Jinx MRF State Rep

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


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