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Hello Michigan Freedom Fighters!

  First of all we had to say goodbye to a wonderful freedom fighter. Fiz fought for motorcycle rights in both state (ABATE) and country (MRF). For years he was a board member and also state representative in the MRF. I both loved and respected him. He taught me a lot. His sprite will live on with everyone that knew him. RIP brother


Now on to business! First everyone needs to watch the gas you are putting in your bikes! Michigan is now selling E-15. You can ruin your motor and your warranty can be voided. The pumps should be labeled if not report it to your representative or myself.

Part of my job as state MRF Rep is to try to keep you updated on things that may upset some. Such as profiling although it may not be bad in Michigan (YET) it is spreading fast in other states. MRF is working hard to fight this along with Pete Peterson and Tim Walberg to get a bill past in the house.

Want to give a big thank you to senators Peters and Stabenow for helping to pass through the senate.

Reminder: Dues will be going up in May for MRF. So if you wish to join or renew do it now.

May is also the ride to DC . Bikers in the beltway may 20,21,and 22.

As soon as I receive a house resolution bill number I will get the word out.

MRF Vice President had a meeting with Michael Fox (highway accident investigator) and Eric Emery (Chief of safety research division) investigating motorcycle accidents around the USA. Tiffany and Rocky also attended this 2 hour meeting.

Until next month ride safe!!

MRF Michigan Rep


MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


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