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​Constantine, Mi. 49042

​Phone: 269 435-2058

Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

​​Advertising Rates

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  • Business Card Size - ( Approx. 3.5 " x 2")

$20 per issue
$100 for six issues
$150 for twelve issues

Non Member:
$40 per issue
$200 for six issues
$225 for twelve issues 

  • 1/4 Page Ad/Flyer - (Approx. 2.75" x 3")

$45 per issue
$225 for six issues
$450 for twelve issues

  • 1/2 Page Ad - (Approx 7" x 4.75")

$85 per issue

$425 for six issues
$850 for twelve issues

  • Full Page Ad/Flyer - (Approx 7" x 8.5")

$155 per issue

$775 for six issues
$1,550 for twelve issues

*Discounted price for ads running six or twelve consecutive issues.
Rates subject to change.  
Money must accompany Ad.

*Camera-ready:means:  Ad needs no alterations.  
Ad is complete.
Scanned copies (jpg) of business cards are excepted,
or mail an original to:
2050 West State Route 89A Lot 95
Cottonwood Az. 86326
for more info.


Region News, Board, and Legislative News, letters to the Editor, newspaper/magazine articles or photographs related to ABATE or motorcyclists' rights, humorous items, quoted, or any information to be distributed along with the Michigan Rider, must be received via mail or email by the 12th of the month.  E-mail submissions and or advertisements must also be received no later than the 12th of the month.  Each will be accepted on a case by case basis.  No slanderous or accusing letters, profanities, or non-ABATE related letters will be printed. 
ABATE of Michigan reserves the right to refuse any article, photo, letter, or advertisement that is not considered to be in the best interest of the organization or its members.  
The newsletter editor reserves the rights to edit all submissions for space and clarity.  If you would like your submission returned, mail it to the editor with a self-addressed, stamped envelop.  ABATE Editor 2050 W. Ste. Route 89A Lot #95 Cottonwood, Az. 86326.  Electronic photo should be at least 175-200 dpi and in  pdf or jpeg format.  Please do not sent cell phone photos or cell phone photos of flyers etc.
The Michigan Rider is published a minimum of eight times per year and distributed to ABATE of Michigan's members, advertisers, other motorcyclists' right groups, and interested advocates around the country. 
​ABATE of Michigan, Inc. and the editor accepts no responsibility for the comments or opinions expressed within the publication, though you opinions, comments, constructive criticisms, and suggestions are always welcome.

Advertising in the Michigan Rider is the most direct and affordable way to reach Michigan motorcyclists.

*Classified ads are free for current members

Advertisements must be *CAMERA-READY- and received by the editor by the 12th of the month to be printed in the next issue.  
(Black & White Ads Only. No colored backgrounds.)  No ads over the phone will be accepted.

Classified Ads are free to members but must be resubmitted each month.  Please include your ABATE membership number.

Download printable ad form here 

Mail to:
Michigan Rider Copy Editor
Lou Ann "Silla" Balla:  E-mail 
2050 W. SR 89A #95
Cottonwood Az. 86326
Ads must be received by the copy editor by the 12th of each month.