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from the prez

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From the Prez:

It was a Field Meet for the record books.  3 days without rain.  The big bright ball in the sky, the sun, came out every day.  When was the last time it didn’t rain on the Field Meet?  Anyway it was good to have great weather and see friends.  The current news in Lansing is not so good.  We have real issues with the current Insurance reform.  Anytime the legislation does something in the middle of the night, without a public hearing, cannot be good for the public.  My understanding is we will be stuck with the choice the car driver makes if they hit you on the coverage they have.  For example if it is $50,000 your claim will be capped at that amount.  What does $50,000 currently get you? 1-2 days in the hospital?   Insurance Companies get to keep the 20-23 billion in the current castrophic fund to pay the current claims and then spilt the profits.  The Mafia didn’t have that good!!!

Motorcycle Awareness and Motorcycle Safety. Are they the same thing?  NO, NO, NO!  Yet the people in the Secretary of State don’t know that and they are in charge of both funds.  Motorcycle Safety is hands on classes and programs to teach new riders and improve current riders motorcycle handling skills.  Motorcycle Awareness is making the public aware of motorcycles in traffic and on the road.  “Look Twice and Save a Life.  Motorcycles are Everywhere” is telling car drivers to look for motorcycles in traffic and be aware of certain conditions. Such as turning left in front of an approaching motorcycle can be deadly for the cyclists.  It’s not rocket science!!

I want to thank Patty Rahn for her service as the Bike Raffle Chair Person.  She has worked very hard and helped make the bike raffle a success.   Jinx also deserves plenty of credit as the top ticket seller for years.  Get out and Ride. It’s Great for the soul.

Ride Safe and FREE,