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from the prez

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From the Prez:

This is an election year for the Michigan House of Representatives.  There are 110 representatives.  In the spring we met with House Leadership and they asked that we meet with the Insurance lobby.  We did that to no avail.  Why should they throw us a bone?  They got everything they wanted in SB 1, “The No-Fault Insurance Reform Law.”  Who ever wrote the bill gave all other vehicle users the choice on insurance coverage except motorcyclists.  Snowmobilers, ATV riders, bicyclists, truck drivers, pedestrians, tractors… you name it! Except  for motorcyclists.  We are stuck with the car driver’s choice.  That should make you pissed off!!  Instead of oh well, I don’t get into accidents.  I can ride good.  Accidents only happen to other riders not me, attitude.  Hey, make a reality check.  Every time you ride you could be seriously hurt and your motorcycle insurance doesn’t cover you.  It’s plain BULLSHIT.  You are riding with a target on your back.  It’s time to take action.  We need a running list of house members who will take a stand on this issue.  How do we get a list of supporters?  Just like we did on the helmet law, rider education, licensing, and awareness.  It’s lobbying 101. WE all have reps.  We need a list of those who are ready to take a stand with leadership to make it happen.  Representatives put their pants on 1 leg at a time just like most of us do.  Many are not career politicians.  Term Limits have affected the Michigan House legislative makeup.  House members have a 2 year term.  When ABATE started to lobby in 1976 most House members had 5-20 years experience.  The most a House member can serve is 6 years.  They are up for election every 2 years.  It’s time to “LET THE DOGS OUT!!”  Go see them in the district.  Call them, write them, get them to understand that we are voters.  Explain the issue to other family members, friends, workers, etc.  We need a response and we need the tools to make a change.   We are looking for champions.  What is a champion?  A legislator who will stand up for our issues.  I did ride on the northern tip of M-65 this summer on Pete Pettalia Highway. Pete, the sponsor of the House helmet repeal bill, was killed on M-65 on the way to Lansing.  Legislators come and go, Champions are hard to come by.

Wally, RC for Region 3, board member and ultimate Field Meet worker, passed away recently.  Wally was an exceptional worker, rider, motorcycle advocate, family member, and will be missed.  Please keep Wally and his family in your prayers.  Sags, in Region 17 was in a serious motorcycle accident, and had to be airlifted to Marquette.  Let’s hope he recovers from his serious injuries.  No matter how long you have been riding there are no guarantees.  I hope to see you in Lansing Tuesday, September 29.  If you can’t make it call, write or go to the legislators house.  Do whatever it takes to get them off dead center. Be courteous, respectful, and firm. Ask them to explain to you how to fix this situation.  If you get a good response please let Jim or Eric know.

Ride Safe and FREE,