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From the Prez:

Will we or won’t we have a rally in Lansing on June 3rd? ? ?  The governors stay at home order has been extended way longer than I would have bet on.  If she extends it past June 3rd it will not happen.  Any bill that changes SB 1 she must sign.  FYI, years ago at one of our rallies a helmet was burned on top of a statue on the capitol steps.  It hurts us.  At a different rally someone dressed in biker grab went into our sponsor’s office and told his secretary he was going to cut out one of her private parts if the helmet law wasn’t repealed.  That stalled the bill which later died in the house.  It took years to recover from those type of errors.  My response on the Insurance Stall Job is the same, “LET THE DOGS OUT” the right way.  We need our people to play the game.  We need our supporters to go into the capital and talk to their representative and senators.  We need to have them respond to leadership.    SB 1 was a hundred page bill.  Ask your legislator when he/she voted for SB 1, did he/she know that everyone in Michigan had a choice on insurance, except for motorcyclists.  We may have a shot in the Lame Duck session.  We want a record of contact with your representative.  We are looking for champions.  We have always had champions.  There are representatives that will give you lip service and there are those who will walk the walk and get the job done.  Representative Walberg for example.  25 plus years later still a champion in Washington DC.  Pete Pettalia killed on his motorcycle by a car driver who turned left in front of him.  Tell your representative a story about a car driver turning left in front of you.  I have already had one this season in Hale, MI.  After July 1, we are at the car driver’s mercy on the type of coverage that they pick. When you have a meeting with either your representative or senator or both, please send a written response regarding the meeting to Eric.

News: Field Meet is in Rapid City 7/17,18,19; more info and flyer in the newsletter.  Motorcycle Safety will be going on this season in Michigan.  Schoolcraft College and a number of sites will be in operation at some point.

We need you in Lansing June 3rd!! If it’s called off due to the VIRUS we will have a fall date. 

Ride Safe and FREE,