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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Happy Holidays!  COVID 19 Christmas will be different.  It’s been a long strange experience.  Lockdown, restrictions, sickness, death, wow it’s been weird year!!  It is what it is. We have been adjusting and we must deal with it. We are planning the seminar.  If you are sick, DO NOT COME.  If you have had RECENT contact with a COVID relative or friend, STAY HOME!! 

2020, has been strange.  We are still dealing with COVID.  We have the Motorcycle Insurance Law.  We have an on-going presidential election.  No Biker’s in the Beltway. We had all types of shortages.  We postponed the Freedom Rally due to the Governor’s Executive order, and had a small fall rally.  How small? I have had bigger parties.  We go to Lansing to “Take Care of Business !!”   By the time it is all done, it costs ABATE $2,000-3,000 to put a rally on at the capital.  This Insurance issue is STATE LAW.  It’s not going away any time soon.  The insurance companies have a lot of money and spend it in Lansing.  We have you.  It’s time to go back to basics.  We need to put our own representatives and senators on record.  We need every region to be there June 2, 2021.  SB 1 is not going to be changed without a massive effort on our part.  Any motorcyclist in Michigan can be on a great ride and have it end in tragedy.  Leaving our fate in the hands of the car driver who hits you is just NUTS.  We climbed the mountain and repealed the helmet law.  How many times did I hear we would NEVER REPEAL THE HELMET LAW?  I CAN’T COUNT THE NUMBER OF TIMES I HEARD THAT.  We ride in Michigan. We need to have our own choice for insurance coverage.  We need the same dose of energy it took to repeal the helmet law to repeal this Insurance Crap.  We need for you to be involved and be a “politely” pain in Your LEGISLATORS  behind!!

Field Meet plans are coming together. June 11,12,13 tickets will be available at the Seminar.  Have a Good Holiday. Stay Safe. Hope You and Yours have a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Ride SAFE and FREE,