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from the prez

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From the Prez:

July 1st has come and gone.  Motorcyclists are the only group in the driving public without a choice in Medical Insurance Coverage.  How bad was our defeat to stop this from happening?  Our worse in a decade.  How bad was it, we never got our bill out the Insurance Committee.  The bill SB 528, never had a hearing.    We were hog tied in the Senate Insurance Committee and couldn’t get a hearing.  We never put enough pressure on the committee members to force them to convince the chair, Senator Theis, to have a hearing.  We never got a majority of the committee to favor the bill.  I will make excuses, but the bottom line is the Insurance Lobby kicked our ASS.  The buck stops here.  We didn’t motivate the motorcycling community to rise up and put pressure on the legislature.  We never got the counter house bill despite plenty of promises.  COVID-19 and the Governor cost us the rally.  We clearly laid out a plan at the seminar but couldn’t get pressure on the individual senators from motorcyclists in their districts.  Lots of excuses, no results.  We have become too complaisant in our abilities to influence the legislature.  We’re damn lucky it was not a helmet bill.  We don’t surrender.  Now it’s time to put on the gloves and do some of our own butt kicking.  Its election time.  Don’t let your representatives and senators go into 2021 without a discussion on the situation. We need to get back to doing legislative activities and be active in every region.  We are a legislative organization WE ARE NOT the HOG club.  Look at our history.  It would have been easy to fold after the 3rd or 4th helmet bills were defeated.  Each legislative session is 2 years long.  Our 1st repeal bill hearing was in 1976.  We had many variations of repeal bills but it took 36 years until Governor Snyder signed our bill in 2012.  We can’t wait that long.  It’s time to get the “Citizens Guide” out at the regional level and put pressure on during election time.  The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), says we don’t vote Democratic or Republican, we vote motorcycling.

Speaking of the MRF, Jim Rhoades will be inducted into the MRF Hall of Fame in September, in Indianapolis.  Jim played a critical role in the early development of the MRF.  Jim and his buddy Jack helped forge the national rights group.  I hope to see you in Indy.

  There were no ABATE members in the 2020 Coach Prep.  Michigan Motorcycle Awareness State program has finally started.  On the plus side the GUD Marketing team has adopted the, “Look Twice Save a Life,” slogan.  On the negative side, the car drivers training program video will not be available to ABATE Awareness Instructors and will emphasis Hi Viz Gear.  The ink is still wet on the Insurance issue, pick up your pen, and FIGHT.

Ride Safe and FREE,