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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Is it still spring?  If you lived in Michigan more than a month you should know the weather can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants.  So far, this spring, 2019 has had more good riding days then and spring since 2012.  You all should remember the year we repealed the helmet law?  That spring was exceptionally warm.  Take it and enjoy it.

We’ve got work to do.  The EPA is taking written testimony on E-85.  I presented in Ypsilanti a couple of weeks ago, so did Jinx.  The corn people were there in force. The governor of Iowa was there.  She had a state police escort.  I was very proud of the number of ABATE members who came to the meeting.  Hot Rod, Patty, George B, George F, Brian Y, Pete, and many more.  AMA’s Director of Government Relations, and Greg Pecoraro also testified on behalf of motorcyclists and ATV riders.  The boat people were also out in force.  Now we need you to write to the EPA.  We can’t just “corn up.”

SOS issue is still going on.  They have taken the money, that we worked so hard to get for motorcycle awareness and have done a study, hiring an ad agency.  Their “Hard to See” promotion is “Hard to Take.”  We will do our thing as we have in the past and we will emphasize, “Look Twice to Save a Life.  Motorcycles are Everywhere.”   My sign is up, is yours?

The Federal definition of a motorcycle is on the computer.  MRF put an alert out and it’s an opportunity to correct a law that defines a motorcycle as having bucket seats, steering wheel, row bars etc…  If you think all that stuff makes it a motorcycle, do nothing.  Michigan’s 1981 Vehicle Code 257.31 states “Motorcycle” means every motor vehicle having a saddle or seat for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than 3 wheels on contact with the ground excluding a tractor.”

One last issue, I included the press release about distracted driving from the Office of Highway Safety Planning, (OHSP).  We need to address this issue.  It’s time we work with OHSP and help ourselves by addressing the issue of distracted drivers.

Rally in Lansing, June 5th.  We need you there ! !  Time to ride and stand up and be counted.     Hope to see you there and at the Field Meet.

Ride Safe and FREE,