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from the prez

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From the Prez: 

Fall has arrived. Colors will be here and gone and then it’s the end of the riding season.  Or is it?  It’s Michigan and we know for sure we will have weather.  What type, hot, cold, wet, snow, etc.. ride while you can. 

Meeting of the Minds is in Georgia this year so I know I got 1 more long ride to get in.  Should be warm there.  In the short presentation that I give on the state issue reports, the 3 things I am going to talk about are Insurance, Gimmie Bill, and thanking Missouri.  Our Insurance issue is as hot as ever to us, but no concerns for the legislature.  Why is that? Because we, ABATE of Michigan, haven’t excited enough Michigan Motorcyclists to call, write and confront legislators with the issue.  I know that it’s not an easy process.   They like it that way.  The staff is trained to blow you off.  We have seen these tactics before.  Don’t fall for the BS. You tell staff you want to hear from your representative on the issue.  Their lies that the Insurance companies have spread are BULL SHIT.  They claim that we had it so good under the old system, which because of a Michigan Supreme court case, “Shavers vs Kelly.”  In that case it was decided that because most of the car/motorcycle accidents were caused by car drivers. Motorcyclists should have the right to sue, and was an exception to the No Fault Law.  Like anybody else the legislators don’t want to admit that the “Insurance Reform” that they passed is an Insurance scam.  You are paying for way less coverage at close to the same rates.  If you were buying something by the pound you could see how bad everyone got cheated!!

2nd, a Gimmie Bill that helps all motorcycle riders.  Something that’s easy and doesn’t cost any money.  Any ideas out there?

3rd thing was thanking Missouri.  We were the button state or the last state to repeal their helmet law for nine years.  In helmet repeal history, the other groups AAA, traffic safety, state police, etc… push back to repeal the repeal.  Good Luck on that front Missouri, stay vigilant. So my wife and I kicked off our cross country motorcycling vacation in Lake of the Ozarks. Spending money in Missouri, riding FREE.

Public Rider Education is coming to a close for this season.  It’s never easy but COVID has certainly made it more challenging.   We did get 35 new bikes last week.  That’s the largest amount at one time since 1990.  Rider Coach shortage has been very difficult to deal with.   Like every other business these days the help wanted sign is Lit.

I want to Thank all those who bought Raffle Tickets.  Mimi and the Raffle Committee did a Great Job.   Thanks for all the hard work.  Seminar is shaping up to be LIVE and in person.  Stay healthy and Safe and enjoy some fall riding.

Ride Safe and FREE,