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from the prez

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From the Prez:

April is here.  SB 528 has been stuck in Neutral since September.  SB 1 was a 100-page bill passed by the senate, house, and signed by the governor.  I give Dondi a lot of credit for information on the bill and for working on writing SB 528.  Dondi has traveled around the state speaking at regional meetings and informed our members and motorcyclists on the dangers to us in SB 1.  How many times have we gone to Lansing?  I lost count months ago.  We will continue the fight in Lansing, win, lose or draw.  We can’t give up.  We didn’t create this situation the writers of SB 1 did.  Whoever wrote SB 1 knew that all other users would be covered on their choice in auto insurance, but motorcyclists would be stuck with the car driver’s choice.  That is unacceptable.  At this point the insurance lobby idea of a compromise is for motorcyclists to surrender a Michigan Supreme Court ruling decision, “Shavers vs Kelly’.   That decision takes us out of the No Fault Insurance as a motor vehicle.   The cost of motorcycle insurance would more than likely double or triple.  At the Annual Meeting in January not a single member stood up for that option.  If we compromise all of motorcycling with an unlimited or “promise” from the insurance that will double or triple in cost.   The cost of motorcycling for all motorcycle riders statewide, will go up.   Of course the track record of low cost insurance in Michigan is poor.  As of today’s writing we have about 30 days of legislative session before June 3rd.  Please make your plans to be there NOW.  We need a showing of MOTORCYCLES and we need YOU.

May is coming and it’s time to get your yard sign out front.  We need to continue to make car drivers aware of Motorcycles through Motorcycle Awareness, directed to car drivers. Stressing skills practice of braking, swerving, and obstacle avoidance for motorcycle riders to survive.

 Re-juice your skills by riding and practice braking and swerving or take a 1-day class.  I like to practice my swerving skills by avoiding Pot Holes.  The state of Michigan has given me plenty of practice material.  If you see a car getting ready to turn left at an intersection, they are going to turn left ON YOU.  Make some movement in your lane, hit the horn, do something to make sure they see you.   Stay alive its tough out there.

Ride Safe & FREE