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from the prez

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From the Prez,

We are currently in April Rain. So much for the drought in July.  Rain, Rain, and more rain.  It’s Michigan.  Deal with it.  It was the best riding spring in Michigan in years.  Moving on, the legislature is in summer recess.  They are out of Lansing, and in their district offices .  That is not good enough.  The majority party in the legislature has decided they don’t want to deal with the Insurance issue.  That is their choice.  I have tried to tell you, our members, that personal contact is needed for this issue.  Why is that?  Because their ‘’wait and see how the Insurance play’s out” is OK for car drivers, but TERRIBLE FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS.  It means that to be effective we must confront them personally. Not by leaving a message, or telling someone in their office.  Face to Face is needed. Let them know this will cause bodily harm and cause hardship for me if I am in an accident caused by a car driver.  They are in their district.  Find them, seek them out, explain the issue and get their support.  We have plenty of resources and can help you if you need help.

State of Michigan Awareness Signs have been distributed to most of the RC’s.  These signs are not ABATE signs.  They were printed and mailed out to us by the state.  These signs cannot be sold.  Paid for by Michigan Motorcyclists.  They look like the signs put out by the state on some bill boards.  Of course we know that May is Motorcycle Awareness month.  Hey, the state got them out July 11, 2021. At least that’s better than Christmas.  

Field Meet was awesome.  Great turnout.  Good Weather, Good Weather, Good Weather!  2 events at one time.  Let’s hope we don’t have to do it like that again.  The committee did one hell of a good job and deserve a big THANK YOU !!!

If you don’t agree, step up to the plate.  It’s easy to whine, whine, whine. It’s hard to do, do, do.  Rider Ed news: Kept on training over 1,000 students by mid to late June.  It’s been tough.  Huge shortage of Coaches across the state.  The shortest Coach Prep ever start’s August 19.  Most of the prep work will be zoom.  Lots of homework.  That’s work done at home.   Contact Eric if you’re interested.

Ride Safe and FREE,