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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Happy New Year-or Is it?  The current “Insurance Crisis” continues.  We have been stuck in neutral in the state senate since the fall.  SB 528 has not had a hearing.  There was very little discussion from the chair office.  We, myself and several ABATE members, have attended all but one of the Senate Insurance Committee Meetings since October in an effort to get a hearing on SB 528.   At the January 8th meeting we were finally approached by the chair office regarding the bill with the proposal of changing the motorcycle definition in the insurance code of motorcycles.  This is a very complicated issue.  Basically motorcycles are not considered a motor vehicle by the insurance code because of high costs involved in the NO Fault Law.  The chair of the committee has proposed to change that in SB 528.  I cannot make that decision without input from the membership.  The cost of motorcycle insurance could double or triple.  No one knows for sure.  We do know that when it comes to the price of insurance we are generally at the mercy of the insurance industry and the price seems to always go up.   How would that affect the rates?  How would it affect the helmet law?  It changes the whole issue.  If we let SB 1 go into effect without a change in motorcycle coverage we are at the mercy of the car driver.  The car driver’s choice of coverage would decide how much medical coverage motorcyclists will receive in a car/motorcycle accident.  Medicare doesn’t cover car accidents injuries.  At this point, ABATE will make a decision after discussion at the seminar.  This is too important of an issue to be decided by me or the legislative committee or the board of directors.     

Rider Education info should be out in most areas of the state.  Grand Rapids Community College will operate the Ferris programs sites this year.   That is a fair solution to Ferris dropping out of the motorcycle safety program.  Schedules should be out and most places across the state are currently taking registrations for 2020.  Schoolcraft College starts registration on February 3rd.  Last year was the 1st year all of SC classes were 100% registered full.  Coach prep registration is on-going and there are plenty of openings.

Talk to your representative and senators.  We need to find a solution to this insurance issue.  Get involved and let’s try to get it done before July 1st.

Ride if you can, Safe and FREE,