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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Is it SPRING yet?  Brutal Cold will bring spring passion.   There will be no seminar for 2021.  COVID 19 has set all kinds of records and has been an ongoing nightmare for a year.  The Board of Directors has decided to postpone the Annual Meeting till June for safety reasons.  Voting for the board will take place at the Field Meet.

I am in Lansing this week for the 1st time in months.  We need pressure on your Representative and Senator.  Here is a quote from one of last year’s senator response to one of our members.

“Under the SB 1 system, which will take effect in July 2020, motorcyclists in Michigan would be  treated more in line with how they are in 49 other states - injuries would either be covered under the insurance of the other driver involved in the accident, their own health insurance, or the further insurance they carry on their motorcycle.  As written, SB 528 is flawed in that it appears to shift costs onto non-motorcycle drivers in the state.  As we look to improve our auto insurance system we must ensure that everyone in Michigan has choices and that people are paying their fair share to mitigate risks for the choices they make.  Continuing to allow free or reduced costs for some at the expense of others takes us away from a fair and affordable insurance.”

I would ASSUME he has never been on a motorcycle going through an intersection and a car driver turning left in front of him!!  Of course we still pay for into the castrophic fund to the tune of $220.00 per motorcycle.  I have written my letters this year to both my senator and my rep, waiting for a response.  Have you? 

Rider education is a go for 2021.  COVID RESTRICTIONS ARE IN PLACE.  Public Motorcycle courses are $50.00 in Michigan.  Successful students will have their cycle endorsement test waived.  The Secretary of state is switching to a computer based reporting system and no completion cards will be issued at classes.  3-5days after the class the student will get an e-mail with directions on how to get their endorsement on their license. Mail, or in person.  I am teaching in March so I will keep you posted.  Still looking for new coaches for 2021. 

Save the date. The Field Meet will be June 11,12,13.  Let’s count on keeping that date.  Stay safe, think spring, keep warm and stay involved.

Ride if you can, Safe and FREE,