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from the prez

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From the Prez:

What a day!!  It’s cold and wet and I had to make that Lansing trip.  I told Jinx I would be there.  I have been riding my older Sportster and the abuse is starting to show.  Tail light lens fell off Sunday, the front right highway peg came loose, 2 rivets came out of the saddlebag—good thing I did a pre-ride check etc.…   Today I decided mostly all the salt is gone so it’s time to break out a Road King.  6 speed, lots of power, at 80 its turning 3,000 rpm’s.  So it’s cold and wet and I got a grin ear to ear under my bandana IT IS SPRING!!

 Jinx, as a Regional Coordinator, does a good job talking to his legislative representatives.  He is on a 1st name basis which indicates he has been in their office before.  The best contact is at the district level.  Then they know who you are and they know that you’re a voter in their district.  He does that too.  We were off to see his senator, the Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey.  We walked over to the capital and found his door is locked.  That’s odd.  We go to the next door and I told Jinx to open it.  It opened and Mike was sitting there.  “Hey, what are you guys doing opening this door?”  We responded that the office door was locked.  Mike starts talking to us.  15-20 minutes later his appointment people had been waiting long enough so we were through.  I can’t say I am totally pleased about his stance on the Insurance Issue.  It’s been an ongoing issue that we may lose if we don’t get massive input from our members to get off dead center and contact their senators and representatives.  It is happening NOW.

Insurance is a big issue.  Michigan Secretary of State (MDOS) is another big issue.  What are we going to do about the Awareness Fund?  We are not getting much response from the MDOS.  Do we need an oversight committee?  The motorcycle safety fund and the motorcycle awareness fund are both funded solely by motorcyclists.  Snowmobilers have an oversight committee. 

Rider Education classes are starting.  The BRP program for 3 wheel training is a go for $99.00 thru BRP.  3 Wheel motorcycles are provided by BRP.  To enroll, call BRP at 888 272-9222.  Public Rider Education Classes are available for $50.00.  Motorcycles are provided for the beginning classes.  1 Day classes for un-endorsed riders are $50.00 and students must use their own motorcycles.  Sidecars and 3 wheel motorcycles are not allowed.  ARC classes are limited and will be held at Schoolcraft Public Center, which is a huge 11 acre fenced in parking lot, located in Livonia.  It’s the only civilian based Large ARC in the country.  The riding range is twice the size of the normal ranges.  Motorcycle speeds will be faster.  I can’t wait!!

Spring has sprung,

Ride safe and FREE,