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from the prez

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Surreal.  My recent induction into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame was Surreal. It was a very cool.  I am glad I didn’t read the program before I had to speak.  I know most of you are thinking when was he ever speechless?  This could have been one of those times. In the program, the Freedom Fighter Award was defined as, “The Freedom Fighter Award recognizes the sacrifices individuals across the nation, and world, have made to protect the rights of motorcyclists through their efforts in the political arena and in grass-roots motorcyclists rights organizations.”

Paul, my youngest son, gave the introduction and it was very moving.  I want to THANK the MRF and all of the ABATE organizations, and to ask them to stand and be recognized for supporting us in our long helmet repeal struggle.  I had to thank Jim, Butch and Gerry for their support and for staying on to keep us FREE.  It took 16 Legislative Sessions before we got the law repealed.  Now, I want to say Thank You to the membership of ABATE of Michigan, for the letters, phone calls, talking to your rep and senator, not once or twice but in each battle that we went through.  I didn’t go into how many versions of the repeal that we tried.  Carry the helmet, urban/rural, north of Bay City choice south of Bay City helmet law, the number of court cases or on, and on, and on.  For those of you that have been on deck for those battles I Salute You and Thank You.  WE DID IT!! 

The next part of my speech was about motorcycle safety education. Since the Detroit Metro Regional Program was started in 1981 we have trained more than 100,000 students.  I asked that those present who coached in the program to stand, along with any one of the 800 people that were there to stand if they had ever taught someone how to ride a motorcycle.  I ended the speech and was ready to Ride.  Hank from Region 19 was there, Mike Olinger, the Yoopers were great, Barb & Mimi, Chuck Sirkora, Paul Lasko, the folks on the hill were very special.  The ride afterward with Ron Finch and his entourage was good.  That night we watched a huge mountain goat jump 6-8 feet in the air to safety.  Over 3,000 miles in 8 days.  Always good to make it home Safe and FREE.

Ride Safe and FREE,


PS, This insurance thing is not over.  We need your support and our hoping a bill to give motorcyclists a choice on their coverage is coming in this fall.  Call or write your state senator.