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from the prez

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From the Prez:

The battle lines are drawn.  July 1 is right around the corner.  Last week, Jim and I met with the insurance lobby.  They are proud on how they wrote SB 1 and have taken CHOICE AWAY FROM MOTORCYCLISTS.  AGAIN STARTING JULY 1, 2020. IF A MOTORCYCLISTS IS HIT BY A CAR, THE MEDICAL COVERAGE THAT THE CAR DRIVER PICKED IS ALL THE MOTORCYCLISTS IS ENTITLED TO RECEIVE.  To be clear, if that driver of the car has $50,000 of medical coverage and he hits you, his insurance will only cover $50,000 for your medical care.  They will get you out of the hospital but further care and rehab may be on your dime. That is how the law reads that takes effect July 1, 2020.  I don’t make this stuff up.  Read SB 1, and ask your legislator if he/she voted for it.  We have a house bill in progress trying to amend the law.  We need a major push by all motorcyclists to prevent this madness from happening.  How do you contact your legislators?  1st, Treat them as you would want to be treated.  2nd, be polite not hostile.  3rd, facts and our talking points clearly laid out, having positive arguments.  Contact, Jim with your results.  We need yes votes and champions.  Please get involved and get in touch with your state senator, and state representative.  

Spring? Not yet.  But I did get to do some 2 wheeling up to Lansing last week.  Chilly-YES.  Felt good to twist the grip and corner on 2 wheels instead of 3.  Starting to get that Spring fever feeling.

Work, work, work. Rider Education season has already started.  As always looking for experienced riders to teach motorcycle safety.  It’s hard work but if you love riding, you may love to share the JOY of riding and get paid besides.  Contact Eric for applications.

Motorcycle Awareness is one of our main goals.  We, as motorcyclists, pay for the state run motorcycle awareness program.  Make sure your legislator knows that.  The money doesn’t grow on trees, it comes out of motorcyclists pockets.

We are in a dog fight.  Win, Lose, or Draw, we need to give it all we got and get it DONE!!  Don’t whine about it, change it!

Ride if you can,