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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Happy New Year!!!  Let’s hope and pray that 2021 is better than 2020.  It’s been a long strange year.  New words, new meanings “COVID 19”, Masks Up, Social Distancing, stay home, on and on.  Strange times will continue into 2021 for at least 6-8 months if not the whole year.  What does it mean for ABATE?  No meetings, no group rides, no big runs. Enough! How long can this go on?  We HOPE to see you in Saginaw in January.  We are planning on it.  So what happens if we don’t?  We have By Laws etc… that say we must hold the annual meeting in “the new year.”  I needed to rely on Dondi, our ABATE attorney, for some direction.  His interpretation of the By Laws, as our attorney, is setting the stage for the annual meeting.  The seminar came about to have the organization come together, put on some workshops and party.  The next day, Sunday, was the annual meeting.  Voting for the Board, the Board election of Officers etc…  THE SEMINAR WILL HAPPEN IF WE ARE NOT UNDER A STATE SHUT DOWN.  If we are we will push it into February.  If we are still shut down, we will hold a meeting ASAP in 2021 to elect the Board of Directors.  February 18, is the scheduled Pizza & Pop event in Lansing.  If the capital is closed to visitors it will be postponed.  We will give at least a 2 weeks’ notice for the annual meeting.  The seminar will not happen if it is not held before the end of February.  If all else fails, we will have the “Annual Meeting’ at the Field Meet in June.  How long have we held the annual Meeting in January without a Seminar?  Answer to come at the end of the article.

Legislative Activity for the new 2021-22 legislative season has already started.  We are talking a lot about an easy bill or give me bill.  Something that only affects motorcycles or motorcyclists without much opposition.  Such as license plates, safety incentive, something easy, hard bills, filtering, lane splitting, and INSURANCE of course.  I have had lots of experience in lane splitting riding in California.  Is it dangerous?  Hell yes! Can it be done? Hell yes! In California it is in between the cars.  I had to adjust to lane splitting in California, but with their traffic and heat it was good.  Filtering is very popular in Europe with scooter riders, and what happens at red lights.  They are allowed to move up to the light, in between cars, and take off when the light changes.  We cannot accept this Insurance situation.  We don’t give up.  We need all of us to write our representatives ASAP.  We need a bill sponsor who will push our bills like it affect them personally.  Back to the answer to what started the seminar came about after the 1st Meeting of the Minds and was pushed by then President Jim Rhoades, mid 1980’s

Ride if you can, Think Spring,