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from the prez

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From the Prez:

This is it.  The election is days away.  We have 2 champions that are in tough races.  All Michigan residents can vote for the US senate race.  I strongly urge you to vote for Gary Peters.  He is a motorcyclist.  I rode about 150 miles with him this summer.   Gary is not only a champion from Michigan he is a national champion for motorcyclist’s rights. Proclaimed by the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, (MRF).  I was pleasantly surprised when they called that out at the recent MRF conference in Indiana.  I proudly accepted the beautiful leather vest that the MRF awarded Gary.  They also sent a check for Gary and our other national champion, Congressman Tim Walberg.  Tim has been a champion for close to 30 years.  He not only voted for our helmet repeal bill, he sponsored it several times in the Michigan Legislature.  He took our bill that was defeated in the house and worked it for 2 sessions before it passed the house, only to be stalled by Senator North in the Michigan Senate Transportation Committee.   If you live in his Congressional District 7, please vote for Tim.  Both of these Michigan Motorcyclists deserve your vote.  They have stood up on a national stage and fought for motorcyclist’s rights.  They are riders who have stood with us in Michigan and who will continue to fight for your rights in Washington DC.

I want to congratulate Mimi and the 2020 ABATE Raffle Bike Committee for their hard work in a very successful effort in 2020.  Outstanding effort and success in the middle of the Pandemic Covid-19.  So many events were not held or postponed. It is an ongoing nightmare.  Motorcycle safety was no exception.  Of the 9 sites that were scheduled only 2 ran. I am proud of the fact that close to 1,000 students were trained in the 3 ½ months that we were allowed to teach outside and train motorcycle riders.  It was a tough coach prep. We had 16 candidates register in April.  The class was postponed 3 times.  It dropped to 11 in May.  Then, when it finally started in late June, we had 6.  Only 4 graduated but taught a total of 15 classes.  Application for 2021 are available from Schoolcraft College 734-462-4594.  The current plan is for 3 classes. The first one is at Macomb Community College, starting in Mid-April. The second starts the weekend before Memorial Day and ends the weekend after Memorial Day.  The third is a weeklong class in Mid-June at Delta College.  The coach class is not easy, but gives you state and national certification to share your love of motorcycling and help someone get endorsed.

Ride Safe & Free,


P.S. Pizza & Pop Thursday February 18, 2021.  Freedom Rally Wednesday June 2, 2021 of course both are in Lansing.