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from the prez

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From the Prez:

End of 2019 coming up quick.  State of the state?  Rough, and tough.  It’s time to get back to basic lobbying and legislative work.  We are in a dog fight.  SB 1, (No Fault Reform Bill) currently has us stuck with the car driver’s choice in medical insurance coverage.  Motorcyclists have been singled out by the drafters of SB 1, (Insurance Companies?) as the only group not to have a choice in medical insurance coverage.  How did this happen?  Any time a 100 page bill is passed in the middle of the night somebody will get screwed.  We are in a tough spot and legislation reform is a slow process.  Between now and the end of the year legislators are scheduled to “work” 6 days.  We need a massive outrage from all motorcyclists to have a shot at changing this legislation between now and the spring of 2020.  Currently SB 528 is stuck in the Senate Insurance Committee.  Senator Lana Theis, the chairperson of the committee, has not scheduled a hearing for SB 528.  She doesn’t respond to us or the bill sponsor office.  If you live in Washtenaw or Livingston county please try to contact or meet with her on this issue.  All of us need to contact both your state senators and house representatives ASAP on this legislation.  We are a special interest group.  If you have questions or get responses call a board member.  We had a special board phone meeting on just this issue.  Gerry, asked all the regions to write letters.  We need to follow up with each legislator and get a vote count.  We have contacted a house sponsor and we hope to have a house bill by the end of the year.  The Insurance lobby has already told us they are good screwing motorcyclists.  It’s not just ABATE.  It’s all motorcyclists.  Currently, as SB 1 reads, bicyclists go to their car insurance medical coverage, pedestrians go to their car insurance medical coverage, and snow mobile riders and ATV riders go to their car insurance medical coverage.  Motorcyclists 1st go to the car diver’s insurance medical coverage. The 3rd tier does go to your car insurance medical coverage.  All we are asking is to move that coverage to the 1st tier.  The key is we need you to educate your legislator and get them to take up the fight.  We as a group need to educate riders in Michigan that this WILL HAPPEN UNLESS WE take action. 

Snow, snow, and snow.  It’s tough out there with leaves on the tree’s and snow on the ground.  It was a wet tough spring but we had summer.  Fall colors were good.  It was a good riding season.  Hope you got your room for the seminar.  Have a Great Holiday season and call, write, or visit your rep or senator. We are counting on your involvement to turn this insurance mess around.

Happy Holidays,