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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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ABATE Awareness Donation
Your donation will go toward classroom & printed materials to help increase public awareness and safety of all motorcyclist.

ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

            ABATE did everything it possibly could trying to get our Legislators to take a look at the new insurance reform and they would not do anything to change the language to protect motorcyclists! Visit after visit to Lansing, letter writing by all the Members of our Organization and those who wanted to help got us nowhere. The only thing I can suggest for those who ride a motorcycle is check with your Insurance Agent and see where you stand with PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage and adjust your policy accordingly. After all, you voted for these Representatives and something needs to change. You can find out how they voted on the new insurance reform and make your own judgment call on whether or not they still need your support!

            We recently had a telephone conference with the Michigan Motorcycle Safety Committee and when it came to my turn to express how I felt about the Awareness aspect of the Secretary of State Office handling of the “Look Twice Save A Life” strategy by GUD Marketing, I offended a couple of the members because of their lack of effort to make the public aware of motorcycles! The frustration those of us on the Committee for ABATE deal with is all because we want the motorcycle community protected and I will continue to try and save lives no matter who I offend. If you try, I won’t complain, but if you are a slacker then you need to be called-out for not doing you part, period!

            My wife Denise is a RN, CDE for a local hospital and recently her Co-worker went up to the Upper Peninsula for a vacation and she came back to work with some compliments about the people there.  They were being respectful, considerate at the beaches and restaurants, and being careful about social distancing and wearing masks. I know we all have the right to wear a mask or not, but she was glad that they were being respectful for one another, so those of you in the UP, Thank you! You do have some very nice roads up there and the food is good too, so maybe there is a road trip in the near future.

            I’m proud of the Members in Region 14 who worked so hard on our Suicide Prevention Program and donated money to our local American Legion Post 268. They have been helping local food banks and churches because of the layoffs and loss of income in our area, even though they need funding. They still want to help the community. That’s what Veteran’s do!

            One last thing - ABATE needs your help with ticket sales for our biggest money maker, the bike raffle. This year the prizes are a new 2020 Street Glide, 2nd prize $300.00, 3rd prize $200.00 and 4th place $100.00. Tickets are only $10.00 each so please try to help out and get a couple / sell a couple. You can call Mimi at 906-399-9774 and she will help you get your tickets.

            August is really here and man does the time fly by. Try to get out and enjoy the State of Michigan. There is so much to see and do. Please be respectful and considerate. It’s not hard to do!

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod Beaton

ABATE State Awareness Director  



Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:

Rod "Hot Rod" Beaton

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