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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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All ready writing an article for “July”. With all the rain and nasty weather it’s impossible to get a few good days in a row to turn some wheels and bear down and get that rumble when you feel like going like a bat outa hell! There have been some accidents lately from distracted drivers. In our Region 14, we had a member smashed between two vehicles and he was messed up pretty bad. In Region 15 another distracted driver hit a member in that region and she is in bad shape and prayers are all we can do for now. Something has to be done with cell phones allowed in cars. I don’t have a fix for this issue but something has to be done by the cell phone companies to address this immediately. Your President Vince and I went to Detroit and met with Secretary of State Josyln Benson for a short promo for “Hard to See” promotion for motorcycle awareness and it’s not what we had hoped for but it’s a start and when you have to deal with government agencies it takes a very long time to get something done. I have been contacted from serval Regions doing their part getting the word out about Motorcycle Awareness like Region 5, Midget and Nicole getting on the local radio station and doing a great interview. Dan Brown doing his part from Region 7 putting together packets with tri-folds and other awareness products to the drivers at the logging company and Butch Brown reaching out to the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Officers for motorcycle awareness and Ray-C’s Harley Davidson Dealership – great job by all! Many other Regions have come up with their way of promoting awareness ideas like Senior Centers and Churches and our Region 14 doing the local community fair with hundreds of people stopping by our booth and digging our presentations to them. Just keep reaching out to the area you live in and do whatever you can to promote motorcycle awareness to your fellow friends and neighbors. It does do some good whether you know it or not!

I had the opportunity to go to Florida for the NCOM Convention and I really enjoyed the opportunity to help my good friend Hollywood from Insane Throttle Motorcycle Madhouse. His Mother passed away and I covered the event with photos and videos for him. He received the Silver Spoke Award for all his entertainment news covering clubs and their issues and “Doc” from the Florida ABATE hosting this awesome event! Believe me, clubs are politically motivated more than I thought and right here in Michigan Lil John (C.O.C.) and Russell from the Scorpions were doing their part at the Convention. I was impressed with the MRF Reps from around the country that were there as well. Double D really can get you motivated!

One last thing, I would like to let all you know our Region 14 is putting on and event called Suicide Prevention and Motorcycle Awareness on August 24th. The more involved we get with this issue the more AWARE I get with how many lives are touched by suicide. Yes we all have events in our Regions, but this event really touched my heart from Veterans to depressed Americans. If you ever hear anyone mention this tragic event, please tell them they are “not alone” and there is help available.

May the road rise to greet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod

State Awareness Director


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