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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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ABATE Awareness Donation
Your donation will go toward classroom & printed materials to help increase public awareness and safety of all motorcyclist.

ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

Safety is awful important when riding in your car or truck, especially when the weather conditions call for you to slow-down. Denise and I are on vacation in Wisconsin at a log cabin and I'm sure glad we slowed down in this crappy weather on the way here! There were accidents involving semi's and cars scattered all over with snow falling and 18 degrees which are perfect conditions for being involved in a collision. All the news stations were warning about what is coming yet people either don't care or just don't want to listen. ABATE Members it's no different when our Legislative Team asks you to get involved with the insurance bills that could effect you and your family. Don't just ignore what they are telling you. Don't act like you don't have the time or put forth the minor effort it will take to contact your Representative. Send them the letter that will be in the next Rider and let's help one another to help get reform for motorcyclists insurance in SB 528.  

Awareness Coordinators I need your numbers regarding the number of students taught or contacts that you gave tri-folds to. Each Region, please get them to me ASAP! I have supplies that will be given to each Region and without contacting me, you will not get your supplies at the Seminar and all RC's let me know if you want signs for next year so I can order them before December 1st. Everything needs to be ordered before December because we get our bill statement the month after something is ordered and it screws up our budget if it's not done in an orderly fashion.

I cannot say enough about all the hard work and effort each and every Region has done with Awareness this year! You ABATE Members have surpassed all my expectations for this year and from what I'm hearing and seeing we can do so much more. Regions have had events that I would have never expected to see but my goodness you ABATE Members do really care about AWARENESS and your help trying to save lives by selling yard signs, teaching students in Drivers Ed, putting on a run for distracted driving and bringing the texting problem to the reality that it is killing bikers and hospitalizing us with major injuries, putting up your highway signs to get a larger audience to be AWARE Motorcycles Are Everywhere! We can save lives because we care. I get calls from other Regions that want to do an event and let me know what it is they are going to do and I get to pass that on to other Regions so maybe they can do something similar. Those who are teaching classes I say prayers for all of you because you are special and by getting to those young students by making them AWARE of Motorcycles and sharing the road with us really does have an effect on their AWARENESS. When we get the comments back from the Instructors on how the students liked the opportunity to hear from “real bikers” my heart warms up and I feel like I really did something special and I'm sure each of you feel the same as I do!

This is the last issue for 2019. Let's make 2020 a special year for all of us ABATE Members who work to help all bikers with motorcyclists rights and insurance reform and the general public to “LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!”

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod Beaton

ABATE State Awareness Director


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:

Rod "Hot Rod" Beaton

Phone: 734 587-2087