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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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ABATE Awareness Donation
Your donation will go toward classroom & printed materials to help increase public awareness and safety of all motorcyclist.

ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

OMG! It’s already April and it’s getting time to start working on your machine and making sure everything is in good working condition. Check the tire pressure, change the oil, clean the air filter – you might have a mouse nest in there and not even realize it. (I know because it happened to me!) I’ve noticed quite a few riders have been out already and believe it or not a young man was sideswiped and dented his gas tank and tore off his mirror this past Sunday in Clinton, when he was on his way to the wedding ceremony I was officiating at Cabela’s for one of our Region Members! My point is the general public is not aware of motorcycles on the road yet so please be extra careful out there and please just go for a short ride so you can get used to your machine all over again. Everything takes practice and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

By the time this April issue gets to you, it will be close to the month of May which everyone knows is Motorcycle Awareness Month. It’s time to start getting your Proclamation’s ready for your local Townships and Villages and City Council meetings at least a month ahead of time so they can prepare to host you at one of their meetings in May!

I recently went to The Welcome Center on US 23 just north of the Ohio State Line and filled out the paperwork and come May 2nd our Region 14 will be there in force with a banner, signs and trifolds from 11:00am to 1:00pm. I’m hoping all the other Regions across the State are doing something similar, whether it’s a street corner or major intersection, please get your Region groups together for awareness and promote Motorcycle Awareness any way you can. It all helps! Make sure to get photos of your events and send them to Silla for the Rider. She will put them in the next edition. There will be events all across the State for Motorcycle Awareness. Please do your part and support them by bringing a friend or three to them to help those Regions who do care about awareness and saving lives.

I just got off the phone with our Vice-President Butch and he let me know that the Harley-Davidson Dealer by the name of “Ray C” bought $1000.00 worth of yard signs! Now that is just awesome! Thank you!

Gud Marketing is working hard at promoting motorcycle awareness for Michigan Riders and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. This is the money that the Legislation Team helped put together for HB-4306!

I want to thank everyone who got their supplies for teaching classes at the Seminar as well as bumper stickers and yard signs. Let’s hope it all works toward zero accidents and keeps us all safe so we can go on a ride and enjoy it, come home and talk about our fun we just had! God bless every ABATE Member and their friends for a great riding season!

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod

State Awareness Director


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:

Rod "Hot Rod" Beaton

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