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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

April already upon us and so much to get ready for Motorcycle Awareness Month! By the time you get your Rider and realize that, May 4th will probably be just a little over a week later. I’m asking everyone to pick your favorite spot and get your table, chairs and signs ready like we did last year, to let the public know that May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Try to get your local Newspaper, Radio Stations and any other public forum you can think of to promote Motorcycle Awareness Month. From 1 – 3pm on May 4th ABATE will be doing their part to save Biker Lives because we can’t count on the State to do their part. Do what you can in your local government villages, townships, counties and ask them do a Proclamation declaring May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. They will also put the message on their Fire Department display signs so cars, trucks, and vans driving by will notice the message and it doesn’t cost a thing! Just a little effort on our part. Make sure you take a photo of everyone involved and send them to ABATE Webmaster Silla. She will make a collage and put it in the Rider.

I had the privilege to address Region 21 on March 2nd with George Bennett, Jeff and Ann. It went over very well because Art Stone is bringing back Region 21. The Club members that were there were very respectful and want to do their part about Awareness. Thank you Guys from Am Vets, very cool! I also want to thank Darcy Slocum for stepping up and agreeing to teach classes in her Region. Just awesome doing your part Darcy and Region 21. Region 5 had their group there with RC Ron Vandermolen, Bonnie, Roger, Midget, Ed and more and I apologize I forgot your names but I never forget a face and I was impressed with you guys! Regions are stepping-up at a time when they were folding and it just goes to show you how much can be done if you just “Give A Shit”!

Good luck Merry Garrett in Region 6. I’m sure you will be getting support there as well. They are a good bunch in that area because of all the hard work that Bea and Gerry did. You should do just fine.

I want to thank Region 17 Chris Doughman for stepping-up and teaching classes in her area – Kingsford, MI. My thanks also go out Pete Kazelas from Region 19 for making the VCR tape from a DVD to give to Region 1 who needed it. And a shut-out goes to the Siren MC girls in the Birch Run area who want to teach classes. As soon as they get back from Florida, I’ll help them with their supplies to get started with. You can go to the Shiawassee Sports Center and support them as well. See Anette Odell.

Thanks goes to Wayne Butts from Region 18 for all the information he got me regarding semi-truck safety awareness. Just goes to show you how many people really do want to save lives. God Bless all of you!

Everyone knows at the Field Meet we are going to have some special guests: “James Hollywood Macecari” from Insane Throttle and the Blackdragon from Atlanta GA are coming so please let’s show them that we care about Motorcycle rights and Motorcycle Awareness. They will be doing their Podcast there so if you want to be on a worldwide Podcast, show up and let’s make this field meet a success. There is a lot of hard work going-on by everyone behind the scenes - Pam and George and Wally to just name a few.

And lastly, I want to say Thank You to Fiz and his family. I’m here in ABATE because of you. Fiz, may your ride to heaven be as good as all the hard work you did here. You will never be forgotten.

               May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod Beaton

State Awareness Director


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:

Rod "Hot Rod" Beaton

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