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Pam Fischer

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What a Party! The Field Meet is a great way to thank our membership for all you do throughout each year. The Events Committee stepped up and everyone had a place to camp, rent a cart, get a beer, have some good food, have fun at the bike games, auction items off, and enjoy live music and other entertainment. Because of Covid and the restrictions that were in place in January, we to needed to include the annual membership meeting on Sunday, a few pancakes and some coffee and it all happened. The turnout for the Field Meet was like no other in recent history. We had 249 people at this event. We have a few items to improve on and we will do our best for next year.

We lost many people last year and the Thunder Riders presentation could not have been more perfect.

Last year the Board voted to allow the 2020 Field Meet tickets to be used for the 2021 event. We will now go back to normal and sell tickets starting at the January 2022 Seminar for the 2022 Field Meet. This year’s 2021 tickets and last year 2020 tickets are now invalid if you did not use them, they cannot be used for next year.

Thank you to the State Events Committee, this event could not have happened without all of you. Each one of you came and worked this event. We all had some fun too and it was well deserved.