ABATE of Michigan Inc.
P.O. Box 99
​Constantine, Mi. 49042

​Phone: 269 435-2058

Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Some things ABATE of Michigan has done for you.

  • ABATE pays for Lobbyists in Lansing, attends fundraisers and other political events to promote positive motorcycle agenda and fight the negative government intrusion against your freedom.

  • ABATE was instrumental in amending the motorcycle helmet law to allow adult choice.

  • ABATE initiated and passed legislation 6 times to keep the Motorcycle Safety Fund solvent.

  • ABATE was able to take motorcycles out of the road tax increase legislation in 2015.

  • ABATE members have taught thousands of motorcyclists to properly ride and get the motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license.

  • ABATE members teach motorcycle awareness in driver training classes and promote motorcycle awareness with yard signs, highway billboards, radio ads and other means to help keep you safe.

  • ABATE has fought the Insurance industry on decreasing or eliminating your benefits, and increasing your premiums.

  • ABATE has monthly meetings in your region to keep you informed on legislation and other activities that concern motorcyclists.

  • ABATE does have parties, motorcycle rides, and other social activities for our members to enjoy.

  • ABATE membership includes a $3500 accidental life insurance policy at no cost to you.

  • ABATE is the recognized premier State Motorcyclist Rights organization in Lansing. Your legislators know us and we know them. Please help us continue our mission to protect our way of life and ensure your freedom and liberties by joining ABATE of Michigan. There is strength in numbers. We can’t do it without you.

To join or learn more about ABATE go to: Membership/Join or call: 269 435-2058.

What you need to know about ABATE of Michigan

  •  Abate of Michigan is not a club or riding group, it is a non-partisan grassroots political organization committed to protecting the rights, and interests of Michigan motorcyclists.
  •  Being a member of Abate of Michigan does not come with any requirements for participation in any event or function, nor does it exclude participation in a members choice of any meetings or events anywhere in the state. Membership card Region numbers are assigned by legislative district, not where members choose to participate.
  • Abate of Michigan, while widely known for its activities in regard to the helmet law, is not so well known for a multitude of other motorcyclists issues that the organization  monitors, lobbies, and has great interest in. 
  • These are a sampling of the issues Abate of Michigan continuously monitors and lobbies our legislators in Lansing on.
  •  Motorcyclists training and licensing. Abate was integral in the development of Riders Courses offered by the State and continues to provide most of the instructors and trainers of the instructors in Michigan. We have kept these courses available to the public for $25 at all the state training locations for years. We continue to monitor the security of the funding for these courses, as well as the maintenance and provisions of the equipment related to them.
  •  Our legislative board members have over 30 years of experience working in Lansing to become the go to motorcyclists people for anything relating to motorcyclists. And these board members have the experience and insight to know what will have an impact on motorcyclists as well as who and how to protect our members.
  • Highway engineering issues relating to the safety and accessibility of motorcycles. This includes everything from potholes, tar snakes, and cheese cutters, to red lights that do not recognize motorcycles.
  •  Insurance regulations. There is no legislation passed in Lansing that does not go before the eyes of insurance lobbyists, and they introduce more legislation than any lobbying group. Needless to say it is imperative that we closely monitor and maintain meaningful input on these types of legislation.
  •  The most important issue to Abate of Michigan is the safety of us Michigan motorcyclists.  In this state there is no one who pushes harder for awareness of motorcycles. We do this through signs both yard and highway. We produce our own radio PSA campaigns. We go to schools and drivers training classes to extend our input as motorcyclists to the kids and students.
  • Abate of Michigan is closely aligned and associated with most national Motorcycle Rights Organizations. And stays abreast of and supports issues on the Federal level.
  •  AMA - American Motorcyclists Association. We have enjoyed the presence of  Imre Sauter, AMA legislative affairs specialist at our Annual Seminar for a number of years.
  •   MRF - Motorcycle Riders Foundation. We have also had Jay Jackson from the MRF at the Seminar.

  •  MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Most of our Riders Course instructors and  educational materials come from the MSF.

  •  We also work with the Motorcycle Dealers, State and Federal Governmental  Associations,  COC, Confederation of Clubs, BOLT, Bikers Of Lesser Tolerance, and multiple state organizations, on issues that we share.

There are dozens of lesser known issues, like Ethanol, HIPPA, Motorcycle Only checkpoints, lane usage, Right to Repair, Parking restrictions, Motorcycle Restrictions from locations, EPA, and Aftermarket parts regulations that we monitor, engage, and then continue to monitor. 

We also maintain an eye on the off road and racing issues that arise. There are numerous legislative bills that directly or indirectly affect these branches of motorcyclists lifestyles.

ABATE of Michigan welcomes all motorcyclists regardless of  choice of motorcycle, motorcycle activities, sex, race, or political affiliation.  No requirement is necessary to even own a motorcycle. We  try to go about the business of getting the business done in Lansing in as fun and entertaining manner as we can. We also extend a large and generous hand to our local communities, because in addition to being motorcyclists we are also the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, grandparents and neighbors of  our communities and we care.

While not everyone has the time to contribute to every organization or cause they may support, we would ask you to take this opportunity to support ABATE of MICHIGAN to help us help you. We really are all in this together and while we may differ on an issue or two, in the grand scheme of motorcycling we share more than we do not, especially, the right to ride, free and safe, in MICHIGAN.