As we move into the heart of Springtime and gear up for Summer, I wanted to point out a few bills currently pending in Lansing that would relax handlebar height restrictions and exempt motorcycle processions from parking tickets during the period of their event.

Currently under Michigan law, a motorcycle or moped may not have handlebars that are higher than 15 inches from the lowest point of the saddle to the highest point of the handle grip.  House Bill 4480 introduced by Rep. Abdullah Hammoud would double the height to 30 inches, to provide a little more room for riders who prefer handlebars of the higher variety.  According to statistics from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the bill would put Michigan in line with 2 other states (Washington and Wisconsin) that have 30-inch standards.  Also according to the statistics, there are currently 20 states with no restrictions on handlebar heights.  The bill was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure where it is currently pending.

Regarding parking, under current Michigan law, a vehicle is not allowed to park (among other places) in violation of an official sign that restricts the period of time for or manner of parking.  House Bill 5650 introduced by Rep John Chirkun would amend the parking statute to exempt motorcycles that are part of a motorcycle procession and parked in violation of an official sign restricting the period of time for parking.  House Bill 5651 introduced by Rep. Patrick Green would define a “motorcycle procession” as a group of at least 12 motorcycles wherein the procession is being conducted between the hours of 8:00 am and sunset; is sponsored by a corporation or nonprofit organization; and is conducted for a memorial or charitable purpose.    These bills were referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure where they are currently pending.  For those riders who are part of a club or organization who puts on memorial rides or charity rides, I would suggest making sure that your club or organization is a registered corporation or non-profit organization if you want to take advantage of this bill if it passes into law. 

While these bills may not cure the pothole epidemic which has swept the roadways of our State, they at least offer some leniency on handlebar height restrictions and would provide one less hassle to worry about regarding parking during a memorial or charity ride. 

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