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Secretary Report

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Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976


   I hope by the time you read this its warmed up a bit because it is freaking cold! Minus 25F on my thermometer!  The Seminar is over and I think we all had a good time. Many thanks to Pam for the excellent job she did. Thanks to all the guest speakers and everyone who showed up under less than ideal weather conditions. 6" of snow and 3 degrees didn't keep Vince from riding his bike, but he did need a jump Sunday morning! 

   All the board members were reelected, as were the officers. George Edlund had to resign at the last minute because of other commitments so he will retire. Thanks for all you do and and have done George. Herb had some personal issues come up at the last minute so he had to withdraw from running on the board again.

Congratulations to all the Region Members of the Year. Ray Clemens received the ABATE Lifetime Achievement Award, and Hotrod was voted in as Member of Year. The Insane Throttle pod caster Hollywood did a twp part Skype interview with Vince, Jinx, Hotrod, Pam, Nicole, Jim, Tyfanny, from the MRF, and the AMA Representative.
Thanks to everyone who put on the breakout sessions.

   The Field Meet tickets are available. 15.00 per person, 25.00 per couple - 25.00 after May31st and at the gate. Hollywood from Insane Throttle, and Black Dragon from Black Dragon Biker News plan on being there with a group ride, and also plan on broadcasting, so if you want your 15min. of fame, this would be the time. Check out their YouTube channels, Black Dragon, And Insane Throttle. Insane throttle is on nightly Mon-Fri. 8:00PM Eastern time. Black Dragon does 4-5 videos a week. 

   Some of the latest news is Harley Davidson introduced its all electric Live Wire at the Consumer Electric show. It has a range of around 70-110 miles depending on speed. H-D says the Live Wire will be a big part of its future. The price will be nearly 30K.

   Two professors from two different universities in Florida did a study on drivers using cell phones. They found that States with strong restrictions on cell phone usage while driving had a 8.8% drop in motorcycle fatalities. States with moderate restrictions had a 5.5% drop in fatalities. I don't think these results will surprise anyone.

   The following donated, or supported Awareness: Jeremy Bouvrette, Jim Rise, Reg.3, Reg.4, Reg.7, Reg.12, and Jami Weissert. Jason Mcllaughlin became a Life Member.

   Let’s all try and sign up a new member this year, or sell a couple of raffle tickets. It will help out our organization a great deal.

   Only 4 more weeks till spring!