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Secretary Report

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  I hope everyone’s riding has gone well this summer.

   Last month I encouraged everyone if they are able, to donate money to motorcycle PAC funds, such as the AMA, MRF, and Michigan’s own PAC fund the MMRPAC.  These PAC funds support political candidates who support motorcyclists. There are obvious reasons to support these PAC’s. but here is something to consider. Currently there is a movement underway in Asia and Europe to totally ban combustion engines. Norway and the Netherlands want to switch to electric by 2025. India wants all vehicles switched to battery power by 2030. France wants 80% electric by 2023. Germany would like to see the end of   gas and diesel engines by2030. China plans on limiting the number of new vehicles that can be registered in major cities. It could happen here as well if we are not vigilant.

   With all the talk about driverless vehicles, which will be the norm in the next 5-10 years, I have yet to see any plans on how motorcycles will fit in to this mix. Will they be banned because the rest of the transportation world can’t risk being exposed to a vehicle that is still human operated?  Time will tell.

   As usual the insurance companies need more of our money based on their costs. Can we see if these almost yearly increases are justified? No we can’t because the State of Michigan allows a closed book system for insurance companies. I now understand why people drive without insurance. If it comes down to buying groceries, and keeping a roof over your head, insurance comes after necessities of life, yet is becoming more expensive every year. If a family of 4 make 50k a year, owns two vehicles and has full coverage, insurance is a major expense. If you have a less than a perfect driving record, you are really going to pay the big bucks. Wages have not kept pace with insurance increases. In my opinion, the system is broke and needs overhauling. This is my opinion, not ABATE of Michigan’s.

  Our Awareness donators this month were  Charley Janes, and Dave Vanetten. Thank you.

   I would like a list of any deceased members in your region by the end of the year, so we can remember them at the Seminar in January.

  This is the last call for by-law changes, and for running for the board. If you are on the board, and don’t plant to run again, please let me know. I need this post marked by Oct 1st, 2017.

   Have a good fall.