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   I hope everyone who attended the Seminar enjoyed themselves. Everyone I talked thought that it went well. The only complaints I heard were that the dinners were not that great, and pricey.  Thanks Pam for doing a great job.
   Region Members of the Year are, Reg. 1, Chuck Manning, Reg. 3, Mark Schickle, Reg. 4, Rich Sumampow, Reg. 5, Nicole Karnes, Reg. 6, Joan Lawrence,  Reg. 7, Mary Ann Carder Ney, Reg. 9, Dan Sremler, Reg. 10, Lois Shock, Reg. 11, Patty Schneider, Reg. 12, Joy & Gary Gerow,  Reg. 13, Patty Rahn, Reg. 14, Bud & Louri Blackburn, Reg. 15. Stacey Strohmer, Reg. 17, Clyde Lancour, Reg. 18, Cody Garrett, Reg. 19, Vince Fabis, Reg. 20, Margret Hopkins, and Reg. 22, Abe Lawson. The Don Healy Award, has been changed to the R. J Wilson award. R J was a long time ABATE member, former ABATE board member, and products agent. He was a MSF instructor. He was killed this summer on his bike on the way home after teaching a class. The recipients of the R J Wilson award are long time Awareness Instructors, Danny Brown, and Marlene Krause, both of Region 7.
State Member of the year was our State Products Agent, Sally Van Coppenolle. Congratulations to everyone!
   On a sadder note we lost the following members this year; Reg. 6, Dave Bedell Reg. 7, William Renn,  Reg. 11, Mike Gardner, Reg. 13, Linda Christian, and Reg. 15,  Larry Katkowski.  If I missed anyone let me know, my apologizes.  
Both bylaw proposals passed. State Officers are: Vince C , Butch, Eric, Mimi, Gerry, Jim, Hotrod, and Patty as Bike Raffle Chair. Board Members are, Tim, Sally, Pam, Jinx, Dondi, Vince P, Leroy, Wally, George F, and George E. Trustee’s are George B, Nicole, and Gary, Appointees are Silla, Wayne, and Vince F. Thanks to Mike Olinger, Rusty Bongard, and Maria Caruso, for their years on the board. Enjoy your retirement.
We will be doing the same thing as last year with new, or 1 year or more expired members, $20.00 to sign them up. This will run for the entire year. In May, anyone that that signs up for 2 years gets a free bike raffle ticket. Field Meet tickets are available till May31st. at the reduced rate. Single, $20.00, Couple $35.00, after May31st, and at the gate, $30.00 each, Saturday only, 25.00.
  A couple of news items, ABATE is now in Liberia. 
According to the news source The Verge, ICE will begin tracking all US license plates. They have gained access to a nationwide database.  The system gives access to billions of license plate records. Vigilant Solutions provides billions of license plates thru law enforcement, repossession agencies, and private groups.  Vigilant Solutions declined comment, but ICE confirmed the arrangement. 
House Resolution 318, which promotes awareness of motorcycle profiling, was introduced by our very own Michigan Congressman Tim Walberg.  Thank you Congressman Walberg. There are 23 co-sponsors, only one other Congressman is from Michigan, Congressman Dave Trout. Thank you Congressman Trout
HR 777 which assesses the implications E15. Presently, there are no motorcycles, boats, farm vehicles or off-road vehicles that are approved for the stuff. Using it could invalidate the warranty and create internal engine problems. To date, only three Congressmen, including the bill sponsor, have signed this bill. 
Awareness donations are, Buckfire & Buckfire, Reg. 12 signs, Reg.6 signs, and another region, which I don’t know. You can call me and let me know who, or if I missed anyone.
 Don’t forget to buy your bike raffle tickets, and Field Meet tickets. If you , can, try and make it to Lansing for the Freedom Rally, June 5th.

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