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Secretary Report

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Greetings all,

   I can’t say for sure at this point, but it looks like the EPA is going to allow 15% ethanol in gas, not only in the summer, but year round and nationwide. There are quite a few congressmen that are opposed to this bill, but it may slide thru anyway. I believe its called politics. I hope I am wrong, but at this point it’s not looking good.

   Take a look at the bylaw proposals and board members running for reelection. No one new is running this year, and a couple of board members are retiring.

   Awareness donations are from; Lennie Sheldon, Angela Partlo, Jesus Ortiz, Reg. 7, Farmers Tavern in Reg. 7, and Chizzies in Reg. 7. Janice Brown became a life member.

   Enjoy your upcoming holidays. If you are still riding, watch out idiots. Hope to see you at the Seminar in January. 

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