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Secretary Report

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       It was good to see everyone at the Lansing Rally and the Field Meet. Nice to catch up on the latest, and B.S. with everyone.  I had to dodge some semi recaps laying in the middle of the highway on the way home. If it had been dark I might not have been so lucky. George B wasn't so lucky and whacked one laying in the rode at night in June. Luckily he wasn't injured.

   There was a guy from Chicago at the Field Meet who had rode up earlier in the week. I was told that when he got to Michigan he hit a pothole on the highway, blew the seal on both tires, and bent one of the rims. Welcome to Michigan!

   The latest news brief: A Congressional bill introduced would limit the proliferation of ethanol. It would put a cap at 9.7%, and stop the federal government from forcing it on the market.

    An appeals court struck down a gag order put in place by prosecutor Abel Reyna in the Waco 2015 shootout.

     Deadwood Casino's, at a request from law enforcement, will implement a no colors policy during the Sturgis Rally.

     Kwik Trip convenience stores have expanded their use of 15% ethanol to 330 out of their 600 stores. They are in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

     Appeals court sides with cops using biker photos to lobbing against an open carry law. The court ruled that the federal privacy law did not apply to lobbying, and that police officers are entitled to qualified immunity.

      Awareness donations are as follows, Reg. 20, Reg.13, Larry Stark, Ron Sangster, Tony Soro, Richard and Tina Hosler, Life members, Ron Cummins, and Carl Dotson. Legislative supporter Reg. 12.

      Condolences to the family of Susan Truemner, of Region 7, who recently passed away.

      Be careful out there.