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Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976


Hopefully the weather has warmed up a bit in the upcoming weeks. It has been a tad on the chilly side.
      I have received a few calls lately on the answering machine, that for one reason or another were not understandable. If you call   the State Office, and leave a message on the machine I will normally get back with you within 1-2 days at the most. If I don't return your call, its because the message on the machine is not understandable. Call me back if I don't return your call

   We are doing the new, and expired, [one or more years] membership incentive for $20.00 again, from May1st, till Dec31st. If you need more applications, let me know.

   There are lots of Awareness and Legislative Supporters this month. Legislative donators are, John Bennett, and Guilty Girls M/C.

Awareness donators are, Barb Bennett, Reg. 6, Reg. 8, Ronald Sangster, Barb Rasch, Reg 7, Robert Meyer, Larry Stark, John Mcleod, Miles Martin, James Foerster, Martha Geyer, and Michael Meyer. Many of the Supporters have made this an annual thing. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.

   Hope to see you in Lansing and the Field Meet.

Secretary Report

Contact State of Michigan Secretary : abatemichsecretary@frontier.com
Phone: 269 435-2058