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Secretary Report

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 As I write this it seems winter has finally decided to make an appearance. I have been able to ride a good portion of December, but all good things come to an end. The Seminar should be over by now. I hope we learned a lot and were well entertained. 
     The Pizza and Pop at the Capitol Will Be February 7th, starting at 10:30 AM. We have a lot of new Reps that need educated. President Vince wrote up a two page statement regarding how we are not happy with how our awareness money is being spent by the State of Michigan. I have sent copies to the RC's but if you need a copy let me know. This statement would be handy to have at the Pizza and Pop 
   Some of the latest news; This will be the last year Rolling Thunder will be in Washington DC. Artie Muller who started Rolling Thunder in 1987 stated that changing times, and a lack of cooperation from the Pentagon and Washington DC police were cited as the reason for discontinuing the event.
   The EPA will increase the amount of ethanol added to gasoline by over a 1/2 billion gallons. They will also allow E15 to be available year round. None of the 22 million motorcycles or ATV's are approved to use E15 by the EPA. The fear is that E15 will replace E10, which has replaced ethanol free gas.
   Ohio has passed a distracted driver Bill. You could be fined up to $100.00 for any activity that is not necessary to the vehicles operation. NHTSA says that the spike in deaths from distracted driving is the greatest spike in 50 years.
   I want apologize to the family of Tom Martin from Region 13 for leaving Tom out of last month deceased members roll. My mistake.
   Awareness donations are; Region 12, Tim Hojna, Shiny Bob, and Mike Poel. Mike is also a Legislative donator. I want to thank Mike for consistently make big donations every year for Awareness, and Legislative. Mike Bourdeau became a Life Member.
   Now is a good time to make any repairs or routine maintenance your bike may need to be ready to ride. Spring will be here before you know it.