Secretary Report

Contact State of Michigan Secretary :
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ABATE of Michigan Inc.
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​Phone: 269 435-2058

Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Here we are towards the end of August already. You know what that means. It will be winter before we know it. Winter means the Annual Seminar, so now is the time to consider by-law proposals, and to consider running as a board of director. Any current member is eligible to run for the board with the written endowment of another current member, sent to the state p o box no later than Oct 1st. All current board members will automatically be placed in nomination, unless  they decline in writing. If you have any questions, you can call me, or check out the by-laws on the state website.

   Some of the latest news is as follows, according to the Governors Highway Safety Administration in Washington D.C., motorcycle fatalities were down 5.6% in 2017, compared to 2016. Among the leading causes contributing to crashes; drugs and alcohol, distraction, and aging riders. The GHSA is big on universal helmet use.

   In Canada, a motorcycle club was refused access to the Marion Hotel in Winnipeg for wearing their club colors. Not taking the snub lightly, the club hit the motels online review with a vengeance, dropping their near perfect score of 4.5 to a three overnight. The motel was forced to take their website down. Previously the club had been forbidden from riding in a event by Indian Motorcycle of Winnipeg for wearing colors. They apparently used the same tactic, and the shop withdrew from the event. The club modified their ratings after the shop withdrew.

   The primary elections are behind us now, and the November elections will be here soon. Do some research, and find the candidates that best represent your lifestyle and beliefs. 

   Amy Jo Harlow donated to Awareness. Carol and Randy Drangin, and Susan Hall have become Lifetime Members after being members in ABATE for 25 years.  

   Enjoy your riding time and be careful out there.