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Secretary Report

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Its the middle of April and spring is still taking its time getting here. 
      As a reminder; May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, May is also the month that if you renew your membership for two years, you get a free bike raffle ticket. Don't forget to get your Field Meet tickets by May 31st, and save yourself a few bucks.
  I have kind of fell into doing a monthly news brief of interest to motorcyclist, so here it is. Europe is considering making emergency call systems on motorcycles mandatory, [Like OnStar.]
    South Dakota gang bill opposed by motorcycle groups, including ABATE.
    California has introduced a bill that would prohibit motorcycle profiling.
    Hawaii has introduced a bill that would require all motorcyclist, and their passengers to wear a helmet.
    An injured motorcyclist is suing GM after being hit by an autonomous vehicle. GM plans to release a level 5 autonomous vehicle in 2019. It will have no pedals, or a steering wheel.
    Curtis Motorcycles plans to release its first motorcycle in more than 100 years.  
    [This sounds familiar] Motorcyclists plan a protest on May18th in Victoria Australia after wire rope cable barriers were installed on the roadways.The Australian government spent 4 billion on the cables, yet admits they pose a deadly threat to riders. Fire Departments state that the barriers inhibit access to crashes and brush fires.
  [This sounds real familiar.] Police in India have stopped plans to enforce approved helmets in India.[ Similar to DOT approved helmets.] The Commissioner stated " Traffic police cannot decide the standard of helmets by mere inspection, hence it is unfair to penalize bikers. Every helmet we confiscate would have to be sent to the Bureau of Indian Standards and we could not impose a fine till we got the results."
   The following persons or regions have donated to awareness, Donald and Debbie Albrecht, Region 15, Region 12, Mike and Darlene Juhola, Tom and Jacqueline Fital, Arthur and Judy Miller, and Joe and Kim Walker. Legislative supporter, John Bennet. Life member, Luke Garrett.
   Don't forget to thank your insurance company for their plans to raise the MCCA fee $22.00 per vehicle this year. I am sure its justified. Oh wait! I forgot no one can see the books to see if its justified. We will just have to trust them. 
   Have a good riding season and be careful.