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Hi everyone,

I'm on my soapbox as Patty says so here goes! I know I'm preaching to the choir but I will continue until Michigan is back to number 1 in the nation. Years ago we were! At the meeting of the minds last year we came in seventh 😥. Just like ABATE, MRF needs members to run. Take a look at your card and make sure you are up to date if not let me or one of the assistant reps (there is one in just about every region now) and a app will get to you ASAP!

Ok moving on! I'm setting up appointments for Bikers in the Beltway. So I'll be sending each rep of their congress-person along with date and time we will want to meet with them. They seem to answer people in their district better. Well that's probably the least I've ever talked. So until next time! If the white stuff goes away for good ride safe and make sure you and your friends have your cycle endorsement !!

Thanks for all your help


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