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Michigan report by Jinx

I want to start by thanking Tim Polk and Patty Rahn for weathering the storm to Biker’s in the beltway. We got very wet there and back! Oh well all in the life of a biker.

First there was the meeting at the MRF office on Monday. There was a pretty good turnout from most of the states.

Then it’s on to the walking part of our visit! We had meetings scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday starting with coffee in the office of Debbie Stabenow at 8:00 am. And ending with Tim Walberg at 3 on Wednesday.

We are very proud of congressman Walberg and Senator Peter’s for stepping up and starting HR 318 and SR 154. Thank you both from Michigan ABATE and MRF members!

Also there is now a motorcycle caucus started by them also. Senator Stabenow has told her staff to make sure she is also on board.

Our meetings went very well if we couldn’t meet with the congressman congresswoman then the staff was good enough to meet and took notes on our concerns.

Some of the things discussed:: Profiling, we need a federal law to work towards a solution to end motorcycle profiling.

The EPA is attempting to regulate your motorcycle. Need to pass the protection of Motorsports Act (S.203 & HR 350).

The proliferation of Ethanol in gasoline may cause damage to our bikes.

Bikers need to be well represented to voice safety concerns directly to government officials. By including dedicated seats for bikers on the Motorcycle advisory council.

Seperating the autocycle from motorcycle as far as plating. These are not motorcycles!

Autonomous vehicles! They are already on the roads. We need the safety of motorcyclist to be the key priority regulating these. More testing!

As far as Michigan goes we are working on getting a bill passed for handle bar height. And as ever keeping our eyes on them trying to start a new helmet bill.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work for motorcycle rights!

Jinx MRF Michigan State Representative

MRF Representative

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