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Well to start this Michigan weather has us guessing! One day we ride then next we shovel! Come on spring.
Ok back to business. We just had our State Seminar. Think it was the best one ever. Lots of information. To start things off on Friday night was our MRF REP AND RC meeting. Big topics were membership and national helmet law. I was lucky Jay Jackson from Ind. came to help me out! Thanks Jay. Touched a little on the meeting of the minds. Also going to Bikers in the beltway. With the help of our sales ladies (Shelby & Cici) ABATE was able to send a check for the PAC for $870. Way to go! At the Rep meeting I explained the difference of the State PAC and the MRF PAC. There was a little confusion got it straight now. 
Another guest was Congressman Walberg. And Matt Danielson from Virginia put on a great presentation as always. I'm asking that everyone contact you Congressman and Senators to back the bill to equal out the members on the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee. Only one person that rides is not going to get it.
ABATE supported 2016 : HB 4853 & 4854 to raise fee for riders class from $25- $50 first change since the 80's. And a waiver for the states written test.
Both were passed! HB4651 & HB 4905: penalties for riding without a cycle endorsement. $500 fine and possible jail time.
SB 496 could impose jail time for unendorsed riders to match penalties for car drivers this is the senate version of HB 4651 which passed now law.
We don't support SB 527 Helmet bill which will reverse the present law.
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