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Hello hello, JINX here from Michigan
Starting out with a big thank-you to everyone for a great MOTM!
Was sure surprised when I received the John Farmer award to say the least. Thanks to anyone that had anything to do with this. I will continue to put my heart and soul into fighting for all motorcycle rights!
Now back to business!  Michigan has gotten two bills past so far this year. HB 4306 which is a $2.00 increase on bike plates and $2.50 on license renewal. Money will be ear marked for motorcycle awareness and safety.
Second one is the enforcement of having a cycle endorsement. $500 fine and possible impoundment of your bike. For first time stopped. Goes up from there. Way to many accidents involve untrained, un-endorsed riders.
Bills we are still working on:. HB 4466 Bans hand held phones in vehicles, HB 1160 redefine auto- cycle it’s not a motorcycle!, HB 4480 Raise handlebars height from 15” to 30”.
Nearing the end of voting on bills. But we are still making sure we are still let them no we are not going away! They refer to us in the capital as the black shirt people due to our ABATE dress shirts we wear.
Another thing we do every Feb is invite all house and senate along with their staff to have a pizza and pop lunch at the Capitol.

That’s it for this time
Michigan State Rep Jinx

MRF Representative

MRF Rep - Tom "Jinx" Rahn pattyr776@att.net

Phone: 517 812-7602