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Hi from Michigan!

Let’s start off about Bikers In the beltway.

This year we will be splitting into 2 people to try and cover everyone on May 15th. Wish  everyone luck. We are going to try and do a few on the 14th also.  I have been keeping busy pushing people to  get on Megan’s call to action sites. Come on people it only takes a minute. Even one finger typing can do it! Been pushing the information on the autominess Vehicles since the lady was killed in AZ. That could

be us next! I tell people in Michigan we need to keep a close eye on it before we lose a life here.

Everyone in every state should do their part for our Safety!

My another big push is the profiling! It might not be right in your back yard but about your friends? It is

everywhere so get your heads out of the sand and do your part in stopping this. Hope everyone read  Hardtails article about his round of profiling if not  get your mag out and read it!

If they can use our drivers license against us (profiling). What if they change the word gang to terrorist. Some of The police in Daytona have been stating on the internet that all gangs are domestic terrorist.

I want to thank Ralph Buss for setting up a meeting for me to go talk to the COC about the things MRF and ABATE are all about and things we have worked on or still  working on. Don’t know how many of you know but WV doesn’t have an ABATE any more. If anyone can look into this. The COC are going to take on the helmet issues and could use help from other surrounding states that are helmet free. I gave them a lot of things to get them started. As sustaining MRF members they have given to donations to help with our fights!

Don’t know what you think about our Michigan pizza and pop lunch for all the reps and their staff each year but it does help to talk to them at this. We had 200 at this years.

Our awareness bill hb4306 and. Sb575 was signed into law. HB4480 & SB568 raising the handlebar height from 15” to 30”. Hope to have done by our freedom rally

Still working on HB 4919 making riding in a pac would  be treated the same at traffic lights as a funeral.

HR 4466 use of cell phone while driving HR 5049 Gang bill Thanks again to WV COC for having me!

Jinx Michigan state representative

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


Phone: 517 812-7602