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Tom "Jinx" Rahn

Phone: 517 812-7602 

ABATE of Michigan Inc.
P.O. Box 99
​Constantine, Mi. 49042

​Phone: 269 435-2058

Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976


ABATE of Michigan seminar was great!

We started out on Friday evening by having a reps meeting asking each region to sign up at least 3 new members. Covered issues on the national level and had a computer set up to sign the call to action letters that Megan put out. And asked them to do the same at their region meetings. I talked about Hardtails stop for profiling. He was told “Because he looks like a biker for real”

I would like to say thank you to special guests attending my meeting on Friday: Russell representing the Scorpions, Cindy from Guilty Girls, Chris from Hells Our Home and Magoo from Road Agents also Deadeye. Was great having club reps attend this years seminar.

THANK YOU Megan and Jay for their wonderful information Megan was our main speaker this year. She gave a very informative talk. It was suggested that she put something on the internet about the profile bill. So people can sign to send to their senators and congress. I see she waisted no time in getting this done thanks Megan.

To all Motorcycle riders and those concerned about freedom!! If you’re not a member of MRF why aren’t you?!? Please remember that the more government can decide us the more they can conquer! Thank you to all the Michigan individuals and the clubs that have joined. This helps us all!

Michigan is still working on HB 4466 banning hand held phones being used in vehicles. HB 1160 to redefine the auto cycle iris NOT a Motorcycle! Also trying to get the handlebars height raised from 15” to 30”.  New Motorcycles are coming from the factory breaking this law in Michigan with them above the 15” mark.

Events coming up in Michigan: February 14 legislation day in Lansing, February 28 pizza and pop lunch for the senate, house and their staff at the capital. June 5th our regular Freedom rally. Note that it is a different date this year.

May 15 is bikers in the beltway hope to see a great turnout!

See you there!

Jinx Michigan MRF State Rep.

ABATE RC and board member