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Hi everybody let’s start off by saying that we passed our HB 4306 Awareness Bill and also passed our Handlebar height from 15 to 30 inches Thanks to everyone for making this Happen!!

Now let’s talk about MRF Bikers in the Beltway. It was a very good turnout and we had a meeting on Monday night to talk about our strategy to our congressmen and senators. The meetings went very well, we had a lot of clubs at this meeting on Monday night with the MRF reps & state reps. Then on Monday we talked to our congressmen and senators about the EPA - Motorcycle Awareness and 
E15 and E85, Profiling Hr 318, Sr154 and National Helmet Law,

I also want to thank the MRF for giving Tim Walburg his award which was a new vest for his outstanding work for all of us. 

I have a question to ask all you bikers. When Megan puts out the “Call to Action” why isn’t everybody doing this, it’s about all our Freedom’s people so lets get this done!

Thank you from your State Rep Jinx. I want to thank Megan and Tiffany for all the hard work they do for the MRF. 

Next thing coming up in September 20-23 is the Meeting Of The Minds in Denver Colorado. You can make your reservations now at Renaissance Denver Hotel call 800-468-3571.

I hope to see you there.
Thanks Jinx.

MRF Representative

Tom "Jinx" Rahn


Phone: 517 812-7602