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Michigan MRF State Rep Report

Besides being very cold! Michigan has been pretty busy! We started our new year with the 2019 ABATE seminar.

This year we covered many interesting topics. Such as MRF with the great class put on by Tiffany from the DC office. She also spoke at the reps meeting on Friday evening. In that meeting we both discussed among other things the increased membership coming in May. Had a few renew or join right then!

Later in the weekend there was a live broadcast through “Insane Throttle Motorcycle “ put on by a gentleman goes by Hollywood. You can find him on you tube he’s on every night with a lot of great shows on motorcycle interests. Many ABATE board members and Tiffany from MRF were able to be on. Don’t be afraid to hook up with him to get the word out about your state!!

Michigan gas pumps will be starting to sell E15 and 85 in February. Pumps are supposed to be marked. Several motorcycle dealers have stated if used and something goes wrong they will not cover warranty work.

After passing HB4306 last year. Well now the MDOS wants to use the money for doing a study of distractive drivers! NO BIG NO! That’s not what the legislature reads.

The money is stated in the bill to be used for motorcycle awareness, signs, billboards and advertising to promoting this Awareness.

As always it seems we are still fighting the insurance industry, their big thing now is “We will save you a LITTLE money on your premium! BUT we will cut your life time medical coverage WAAAAY down”

Everyone needs to contact your house/senators we don’t want this to happen.

A great time to talk with these people will be at our Pizza/Pop lunch February 7th in the house building in Lansing Michigan. Also in Lansing June 5th is our Freedom rally. Remember “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE”

Hope to see you down the road soon

Ride safe


Michigan State MRF Rep.

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Tom "Jinx" Rahn


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