Fighting for the rights of all motorcyclists since 1976

Legislative days

  • Pizza & Pop - Wednesday Feb. 22, 2017 in the House Speaker Library in the state capitol in Lansing.  With over 40 new representatives it’s critical we get to them before our opponents do.   We are the button state.   We are the last state to repeal and all kinds of BS studies are being put out by the safetycrats.  It’s very important to maintain our grass roots connections.  See your Representative in your district and come and see them in Lansing.

  • Freedom Rally in Lansing Wednesday May 31, 2017.  
    It will be 5 years of Freedom on April 12, 2017.   5 years WOW, loving it.  We our celebrating in Lansing on May 31st.   It is our goal for them not even to think about putting the law back in.   To do that we need to bring these new legislators up to our speed ASAP.   One of our legislative goals for 2017 is to have our Yes/No list on our choice issue together by June 1.

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