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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Is it Spring now?  The weather rollercoaster has been rolling along.  I hope that rodent in PA was right cause it’s time for some real spring.

Keep the pressure on Secretary of State Benson, I did get a call from her staff but she’s too busy to deal with our issue.   The issue of how the MDOS (Michigan Department of State) is spending the Motorcycle Awareness Fund.  They have done their study and they have hired an ad agency, and have already made plans to spend the funds for 2019.  MDOS decided to do this without any input from the legislature and ABATE.  If we allow this to continue it is anybody’s guess how they will spend the awareness money in 2020.  The money is solely raised by motorcyclists and we should have input on how it is spent.  For more info on this issue please check the past 2 newsletters and on the web.   Secretary Benson’s number is 517-335-3269.   The issue is her department didn’t follow the legislative intent of the bill.

Seminar was good.  I really enjoyed the seminars I attended.  Dondi was very impressive and had great insight into the importance of proper investigation techniques. The presentation on self-driving vehicles, given by Mike from the AMA, is scary.  It’s bad enough when you are dealing with poor car drivers.  Defensive riding skills are a must in the “new world.”  Tiffany did a good job with the MRF and the importance of our responsibility to continue to be active and supportive of this organization.  Getting started for the way home wasn’t easy but I want to thank Butch and Gary for the jump.  20-25 vehicles needed a jump, so I didn’t feel too bad. The ride home was as cold as expected.  Pizza & Pop for the most part was very successful in its new location.  61 pizzas was not enough!  The room is bigger and will provide us with some different opportunities.  We need legislative help NOW.  There are 48 new representatives. We need our view of the insurance issue to be part of the discussion.  Grass Roots lobbying is our best tool.  Every region must get involved if we are going to be successful this legislative session.  The legislative team will be in Lansing many more times before the Freedom Rally on Wednesday, June 5th.  If you need our help please call Jim.  Issues this session are Motorcycle Awareness and Insurance Reform.  Please read Gerry’s article on Insurance.  Again, 48 new legislators and we have work to do.  I want to thank Region 17, and 11 for their PAC donations at the seminar.  I want to thank Butch, Jinx, Jay Jackson from Indiana, Gary Sellers from Ohio, Hardtail from the MRF, and many more for their support and efforts to having me be inducted to the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame.  It is a great honor for myself and ABATE of Michigan.

Ride if You can,