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From the Prez:

The primaries are over.  The dust still hasn’t settled.  We lost some champions. That is why it’s so important to vote and be active.   November elections will bring a new governor, secretary of state, attorney general, 40-50 new house representatives, and 29 new senators.  Pot is also on the ballot.  VOTE, it does make a difference.

The fight in Lansing on insurance will get down and dirty.   Many legislators are not coming back in 2019.  Their voting on insurance cost and the Insurance No Fault Issue was close last time and now the pressure will be on.   Let’s look at the big picture.  The Insurance companies aren’t talking about.                                                    “THE FOX IN CHARGE OF THE CHICKEN COOP,” Was the title of the article I wrote many years ago in the newsletter about Insurance in Michigan.  We have the catastrophic fund which is controlled by the Insurance Commission which is made up of the Insurance companies. The public pays MONEY into the fund and only the Insurance companies know how much MONEY is in the fund.  Only they know what the costs are and the Insurance companies set the rates.  The legislature itself has no input or knowledge of the amount or the costs of the current claims.  Wow, no wonder the costs are out of control.  In the late 80’s-early 90’s there was a bill to open the fund up to the public, the Insurance lobby rallied for a compromise and got it and sent a check for $150 to everyone that paid Insurance.  CB Tower and me were the only ones that testified against this bill.  Why, because ABATE wanted then, and wants to know now, how much MONEY is in the fund, how much MONEY is being spent this year, how many current cases, and what the projected costs are and how much MONEY is needed for the future.  Currently, you have unlimited medical costs for life if a car driver hits you on your motorcycle.  We have paid into this fund for over 40 years.  The bills the insurance companies are currently pushing only reduce PLPD not the whole cost of insurance.  Just like buying a whopper w/o the MEAT.

The Seminar is set up ready for reservations. This year there will be no expensive banquet.  Thank you Pam.  Summer isn’t over yet.   Plan a trip, even a day ride, and get out and enjoy your scooter.

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