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from the prez

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From the Prez:

“Let it Snow”.   FORGET that!  Enough of the white stuff and the cold.  Only if it was up to us.  I’ve been the only motorcyclist on the road in California when its 50 degrees.  Those riders are spoiled by “sunny and warm”.  Of course right now sunny and warm sounds pretty GOOD.

The Seminar went pretty good.  We had a good turn out and we had some good workshops.  From legislative with Representative Cochran and Noel, to your diet with Denise, national input with Megan and Jay from MRF,  to the “chair” of the Motorcycle Advisory Committee, Mike from AMA, to club etiquette with Iceman, Hot Rod with Awareness, Dondi with Legalities, and a sidecar demo of the 3 wheel motorcycle endorsement test.  The election of officers went well.  Mimi and Mike Olinger have resigned from the Board of Directors.  Both will be missed, Mimi stepped up and did a great job as treasurer and truly showed we are a state wide organization, getting checks back and forth from the UP to southeast Michigan.  Our bills got paid and we are flush.  Great job and we welcome Gary from region 10 as our new treasurer.   Mike Olinger was a rock.  Sturdy, strong, and a true ABATE of Michigan 20 year board member.  He was the chair of Insurance and Legal Committees, tireless worker and a go to board member that will be missed.  Both, were get the job done people that are hard to find.  Thank them for their hard work in their regions and at the state level. 

We have issues in Lansing, Go figure.  The Insurance issue never dies and it’s back and the fight is back.  We all want lower costs but at what price.  I got hit by a dump truck in 1974 while riding my Super Glide.  I was extremely lucky that the “Harley bulge” saved my left leg.  I was able to work and buy a new frame and with help from my friend “Shorty” who repaired the bike in four months.  When my day in court finally came 2 years later, I got paid for only the printed bills I had, and the time I spent cleaning, painting, etc., was not compensated.  I was lucky, bruised, but not broken.  Medical costs today are out of control.  A serious injury w/o coverage, “fault” would be decided years later.

It’s an election year.  Stay involved.  Buy your mailed raffle tickets or send them back ASP.  “Freedom ain’t FREE.”  The Freedom Rally is Tuesday, June 5th.  Be there!  We need to show that we our strong.  Be ready to vote in August.  The primary election will decide 70-80% of the new legislature and we need our support there.                                                                                         

Ride if you can,