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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Thanks to all who were at the Pizza & Pop for show up and making it a success.  Special thanks to Jim, Judy, Herb, Patty, Jinx, Butch, Iceman, Collette, . . . . and all who came.   The day was super busy with 4 legislative events going on at the same time.   Since that time I have been in Lansing several times and have heard nothing but positive comments from staff and legislators.   We had the draft of the Awareness Bill at the Pizza & Pop.  24 Co-sponsors signed on at that event.  From Monroe to the UP from Plymouth to the thumb to Grand Rapids and points in-between.  Democrats and Republicans, with 6 on the House Transportation Committee.  It’s a great start but we have a long process ahead of us.  The language on the draft was incorrect.  I had to read the 26 page bill twice and find the mistakes.   Representative Tedder’s  Office had to resubmit the bill to Legislative Services.  That usually takes 4-6 weeks.  Of course the Free Press printed some information that was wrong on the bill.  Most of that has been corrected and we hope to have a vote in the committee by the end of March.  The House will take a break for Easter in early April.  I would love to have the bill in the senate by that break but passing a bill is a process that takes a lot of time and effort.

  It was a little windy on my last trip back from Lansing.  I hope you didn’t lose power.  That’s always a DRAG.  I can’t remember a storm that over 1,000,000 Michigan residents lost power in.  The ride was like counter steering to go straight but I enjoyed it.  Anytime I can ride 2 wheels in January, February, March, and April I am smiling.      

Motorcycle Safety Classes are up and running.  By the time this article hits the stands we hope to have trained over 100 students in 2017.  The 1st two classes are full and spring fever has sprung.   This will be my 38th season teaching new riders and it’s always a challenge but rewarding at the end of class knowing that  the newbies are a hell of lot better than I was after 2 days of riding.

Coach Prep.  Still time to enroll for the May-June class.  It’s 8 days: May 18,19,20,21, June 1,2,3,4.   8:00 am-6:00 pm, or earlier or later, depending on the group.   

Don’t forget about your battery and get charged up for the season.  May 31st in Lansing, Field Meet June 9,10,11, and help keep us free by buying a raffle ticket.

Ride FREE and Safe,