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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Well if it ain’t green it’s dead.  Trees I mean.   It’s not a record but it sure has been wet.  It’s Michigan.  Just make sure you have your raingear with you.    I hope by the time you read this we’re in the sunny and warm phase of 2017. 

Got a call about the May 7, 2017 Oakland Press front page article.  I was up north, where the good sunny dry weather was.   Another anti-choice article.  That’s nothing new.  2016 was not a good year for stats for choice.  It was the 1st year that more non-helmeted riders died than helmeted riders.  This article was written and produced to slam choice and used motorcyclists to do it.   Of course, it threw in the Catastrophic Insurance Claims and how motorcycle injuries account for 8.64 % of the fund.  It certainly didn’t mention we pay for each motorcycle and car or truck, and we cannot collect if we hit a deer, run off the road, or hit another motorcycle.  Let’s look at the facts and the numbers and draw some conclusions.

2012-2016 Helmeted Fatalities: 316.  Non helmet Fatalities: 288.  Injuries with Helmets 8,593.  Injuries without Helmets 3,345.  Across the USA it generally figured to be 50-50 on helmet usage.  Of course, the Michigan State Police, and the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) continue to pay for studies which “prove helmet usage is 75 % or greater.”  Do your own count. WEATHER, to me, is the single greatest factor.  If it’s sunny and warm, more people are riding and making the choice to ride FREE.  Back to the numbers.  The unendorsed and the inexperienced riders are one reason helmeted riders have so many more accidents.  Many people believe, “Wear a helmet and you will be safer.”  I am sorry.  Wearing a helmet is no guarantee of accident prevention or safety.  You are riding a motorcycle and any one of us could be killed or messed up on ANY ride.   Practice, Practice, Practice.  On some roads dodging pot holes and road hazards by swerving is great practice.  Looking out for deer is a Michigan must.   360 degree awareness keeps your driving record clean and you safe.  Enjoy riding, it’s great fun.  And make sure to look twice before you go thru intersections.        

 Freedom Rally is here.  The above mentioned article was good for 2 reasons.  It lit me up for Freedom and got me outside to split some fire wood.  5 years the stats are still with us, but our resolve to stay FREE is at a critical crossroad.

I want to thank ALL those members who came to Lansing in April to help push HB 4306.  The bill is still on its 3rd reading.  Gerry and Rufus get the long distance award traveling over the bridge and around a 700 mile round trip to Lansing.  Looking forward to the Field Meet and having a good time.  Send those raffle tickets in and keeping selling if you can.

Ride its great Fun, Ride Safe and FREE,