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From the Prez:

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year ! !  Enjoy the holiday season with friends and family as we close out 2017 and bring in 2018.   We dodged a bullet at the end of the fall legislative session on the insurance issue.  Or did we?   The recent movement in the Michigan House of Representatives to lower the cost of car insurance came at the price of putting motorcyclists medical care in great danger.   Dondi Vesprini, our ABATE of Michigan legal expert, deserves a big thank you from all of us.  At a critical moment during the insurance debate he provided our legislative team with the ammo that was needed to get the impact of how the bill HB 5013 would change motorcycling in Michigan.  The sale of cheaper PIP insurance in Detroit to us really meant leaving motorcyclists stuck with whatever coverage that car driver had.  So you ask in plain English what am I writing about?  In Michigan we are a “NO Fault” state and your rights are limited in who is at fault in an accident.  HB 5013, would have allowed a cheaper PIP coverage of $250,000., $500,000., etc…   meaning to motorcyclists medical insurance coverage in an accident would have been limited to what that car driver insurance coverage was.   Currently that coverage has no medical cap.  That’s what makes insurance in costs in Michigan so high.  Of course the whole system is questionable when the FOX is in charge of the Chicken Coop.  That was a title to an article I wrote over many years ago describing the Michigan Catastrophic Fund.  The Insurance Companies control the fund and no one except them to know how much money is in the fund and what its current and future needs are.  We do know that medical costs have gone sky high with no end in sight.  The bullet we dodged this past week will be back.  We were able, thanks to Representative VanderWall, to amended HB 5013 to change the insurance tier system so motorcyclists could be protected, but it’s a great example why we must remain active and involved in Lansing.  Another is HB 4306.  The Secretary of State’s office could not do the plate fee until 2020 due to their inept computer system.  Senator Casperson’s office is working on assisting us in a solution to this problem.  It should be set before the seminar.

Lost Art Farley this week.  A lifetime member, the original Region 14 Coordinator, motorcycle enthusiast, rode the cannonball, his shop in Chelsea, which I refer to as the “Cheers” of motorcycling.  Art was given 6 weeks to live and fought for year and half, he raced in 24 motorcycle events this year.  Ride on in the sky brother.

Hope to see you at the seminar.   Stay tuned on the current issues and get ready for 2018.   I will be doing the last book signing on, “We fought the Law and Won,” in the lobby early Friday night.   You can reserve a copy by calling 248-684-6576.  Enjoy life and the holidays.

Ride SAFE and FREE,