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from the prez

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From the Prez:

Fall is here.  As cold as it’s been hopefully there is no SNOW on the ground as you are reading this.  It’s been a good weather season.  One thing we get is the seasons, but you just don’t go by the calendar any more. 

HB 4306 passed and was signed by the governor.  I want to thank all those members who helped make that happen.  It was harder and more work than any other education bill that we have passed.  Car driver Awareness of motorcycles is on the books.  The department (SOS) is saying they can’t implement the dates because of their outdated computer system.  Really?  Is this a joke?  When has the state not been ready to take your money?    All the time and effort that went to passage of this bill and the secretary of state’s office can’t get their act together.  Unbelievable.  Stay tuned. We are not just giving up on it but there are issues beyond our control.

The numbers are out for the 2016 riding season.  They are not good for us.  143 motorcycle fatalities.  This is the 1st year since the repeal that more riders died w/o helmets than those with helmets.  Don’t get too down.  In the 5 year total 317 were killed wearing helmets and 289 were killed not wearing helmets.  Those were our brothers and sisters that are now gone.  Bottom line, the safety-crats used that info against us.  We are still the “button state.”   The last state to repeal, and it’s important the facts get out there.  We have elections coming up next year.  Get involved.  We need you our members to stay politically active and involved.  We need to help our friends and defeat our enemies.  It sounds good but it takes time and effort.  There are plenty of groups that would love to see us drop off in political activity and take your rights away in a heartbeat.

Congratulations to Robin Braden in Region 4 on her winning ticket.   Thanks to all ticket buyers, and Patty and Jinx for all your efforts.  Get your reservation in for the Seminar, 517-627-3211.  The motorcycle safety training season is over, but recruitment for new coaches has started.  We need motorcyclists who ride that want to learn how to coach.   Take the time to go on a nice ride while you can!

Ride Safe and FREE,