From the Prez:

Hope you are having a good summer and riding season. I want to thank all who attended the Freedom Rally in Lansing. We had 13 legislators speaking at the rally. The Speaker of the House, Tom Leonard,also spoke at the rally. It is not often that someone at that level speaks. We need to keep that momentum going with a good election year. The state senate is a focus for us this year. 31 of the 38 seats will have new senators. Many of those new senators will be current House members. If we want to remain a state with freedom of choice we need a majority of supporters in the state senate. We have several key friends that need help. 

Please vote in August. If you are going to Sturgis please get an absentee ballot. We can be most effective by being involved in the election preprocess. Putting signs up, making phone calls, assisting our supporters in getting elected. Of course if all that is too much trouble send money to the PAC fund. It is just a check away. 

Field meet was a success.  Sorry I had to cut out early. I had to man the fort at Macomb. This Motorcycle Safety Season has been exceptionally difficult because of the lack coach availability. We are looking at the possibility of offering in August an additional Rider Coach Training class. 

Raffle bike tickets should be turned in to Patty asap. If you need to hold on to them for an event please let Patty know.  

Ride Safe and Free.

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from the prez

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