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from the prez

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From the Prez:

I hope your SUMMER is going well.  It’s been busy hot and wet, but it’s summer time and riding time.  June ended with some great news.  HB 4306 passed out of the Michigan Senate.  It was clear the bill was going to pass but the timing was not so good.  We were very lucky and Senate Floor Leader, Senator Mike Kowall, made it a priority to get it done.  They went out of session for the summer.  Came back for a day and 12 senators were absent.  That’s 12 out of 38.  They came back again for 1 day in the last full week of June and passed the bill with 34 yes and 2 no.  Of course there are still many issues to be worked out and it must be signed by Governor Snyder.  This bill was way more trouble and effort than what I had anticipated when we introduced it.  At the Pizza & Pop event in February we had 20 co-sponsors.  14 in the House voted against HB 4306.  That’s 14 out of 110.   Not great opposition, but it had to have bi-partisan support to pass.  That’s hard to get in the legislature.  Then there is the budget which is the most important thing that the legislature does in the 1st part of session.  Do you remember back to Governor Granholm not being able to get the budget done by September 30?   The state shuts down and no money = no pay for employees.  Offices are closed, on and on.  I know some of you are thinking, “Not a bad deal.”    In the long run it does hurt and it basically means you can’t take care of business.  Under Governor Snyder the state budget has always been done by June.  Our 1st victory in the HB 4306 fight was just to get a hearing on the bill in the house.  That went very smooth.  Then the pot got stirred.  “It’s a tax increase, ABATE makes money from those Awareness Signs.  That’s how they pay for their lobbyist.”  No Bullshit, that was on Facebook.  Well then it must be true.   No kidding, this is a true story.  Whoever posted that has no idea what a Lobbyist in Lansing makes.  It gets even better.  The leader of the anti-tax movement is the same legislator who sponsored the major tax increase in vehicle plate fee in 2014.   So the bill sat on the floor for months.  The House Speaker, Representative Tom Leonard agreed to bring up the bill after a discussion about why it needed to be done before the fall session.  HB 4306 passed the house with 94 yes and 14 no.  I want to thank Jim and the many members who came to the legislative days and talked to the house members in support of the bill.  Butch, came down over 20 times to work the members.  I came down from up north riding south on 127 and Butch was coming east on 69 and we met on 127 perfectly.  We could not have planned it better!  Senator Tom Casperson helped us get a hearing.  House Representative Jim Tedder and I testified together in the Senate Transportation Committee hearing.  “Look Twice Save a Life” is in the law and ABATE members across the state can be proud of the effort it took to make it a law and to fund it.

On a sad note Joann, the wife of our legislative analyst Vince Fabis from Region 19, passed away suddenly.  Please keep the family in your prayers and thoughts.

Ride Safe and FREE,


PS:  The state PAC Fund needs MONEY.  Success in Lansing isn’t cheap.