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Happy Veterans day to those Vets out there.  Thank You for your service. 

Happy Holidays are here.  Time flies when you’re having fun and even when you’re not.  Election day results bring big changes in the governor office.  We need help with the new governor.  Other than, “Fix the Damn Roads” we know she voted against repeal when she was in the legislature.  6 years past repeal we need to pitch the governor, new senators, and new house members on what 6 years of stats prove.  With the new mission and vision statement it’s time to roll up the sleeves and educate these new people before “Lansing” sucks them up.   Score card looks like this:  Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General=Don’t Know.  Senate, I count 20 yes ? (only 11 who actually voted on a repeal bill) votes, 7 No’s, who voted on a repeal bill 11 that are new. All need to hear from YOU.  The House will be a free for all.  45 out of 110 will be new.   Not totally new.  The senate sponsor of a helmet bill, Rebekah Warren, was elected to the House.  Thankfully, there is a Republican majority in the house and senate.  We got work to do.  The bureaucrats are taking advantage of legislative gaps.  The Awareness Fund is currently out to “bid” to add agencies.  The Department of State is out sourcing the fund.  They want to “study” why distracted drivers are killing us.  You can image my reaction to their plan.  No, I didn’t physically assault any of them.  Although the thought was there.  We need an outcry from the membership over this issue.  We worked this bill through the legislature and it’s our responsibility to make sure the money is spent saving lives not wasted it on a study.  4 of our members were killed sitting at lights in the last 2 years.  “Look Twice Save a Live.  Motorcycles are Everywhere.”   Awareness is at a critical stage.  The goal of making the state wide program similar to Pennsylvania can be a reality if we pressure the legislature now.  We need input NOW.  The Legislature will return to Lansing after deer gun season. 

Seminar is shaping up.   Get your room before there are all gone.  The line up of speakers will be  very interesting.  Coach Prep applications are available at 586- 498-4112, or 734-462-4594.  We are looking for experienced riders looking to share their knowledge and skills with others.  “Lame Duck” session starts in 2 weeks.  We will let you know if action is needed. 

Happy Holidays, Ride if you can,


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