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from the prez

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From the Prez:

By the calendar it’s spring.  Somehow old Man winter didn’t get the memo.  It is what it is.  We had a great fall.  We had a good weekend in February.  It has been cold but a decent start for the motorcycle safety season.  We will be close to the 500 student mark for 2018.  Not bad, for a cold spring.

Things are heating up in Lansing.  Election season has sprung and it is important to support those who support us.  We have many supporters who are running for office.  We are looking at all the races.  The governor race will be a tough call for us.  We got burned last year in a close congressional race and ended up endorsing two, and the winner not being either one of them.  We don’t have the crystal ball on these elections.  We don’t have a pot of gold either. We need PAC donations NOW.  We need to do grass roots work.  We can attend functions, put up signs, and be involved.  Bottom line for 2018:  MI House and Governor race are up for grabs.  State Senate will stay red.  We have several supporters running for state senate.  Primary elections are in August.  We need every region to get involved.   We also have congressional races that need our supporters help to get Washington.

 May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.  Hot Rod has a great plan and I hope to see the results in next month newsletter.   I put my sign up yesterday.  We cannot beat the drum enough.  We have already had 5 motorcycle fatalities in 2018.  RJ’s case has been postponed and when it takes place I will let folks know the results.  I want to thank the coaches that have helped to fill the gap.

Field Meet is around the corner.  I hope you have got your Raffle ticket.  Our lobbyist will be key in getting the new governor’s ear.  The weather will break.  Get that scooter ready and get your head into riding.  Take a class or practice quick stopping and swerving on YOUR bike and get down to it.  You never know when your riding skills will be tested.

Ride Safe and FREE,