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from the prez

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From the Prez:

If you missed the seminar you missed out.  It was very well attended and it looked like a good time was had by all.   Seminar workshops were well attended and very informative.  I had a 2-3 wheel licensing demo planned in December.  Of course I figured it would be a 3-wheel event and I was hoping the hotel would put it somewhere outside where a few people would see it.  With the 12 inches of snow we got before Christmas I figured sidecar all the way.  Well, Michigan weather took a turn my way.  My 1200cc winter sportster got the call and I was 2 wheeling to the seminar.   It was wet and cool but not icy.  Friday, I was hoping to lay out the test pattern but it rained.  Saturday, I got out there early to check out the lot and lay out the state test pattern.  Chuck and Jeannie came out and gave me a hand and it was done lickity split.  It was still wet.  Dondi was starting and the course was set. Time to hear the latest in the legaleise.  It was informative and very interesting.

  By noon it was sunny and warm and there was a “crowd’ forming for the demo. Really, I was in a state of shock.  I made 15 handouts with 50-75 people standing on the sidewalk.  A whole bunch of folks had their windows open and were watching from there room.  I drafted Ernie from region 3 to read the directions for the cone weave and stop in the box.   Cone weave is 5 cones 12 feet apart in a straight line.  All friction zone, clutch control.  The box is 3 ft. wide, 5 ft. long, the front tire must be placed in the box.  Just like a normal stop.  Then a sharp turn from a stop, and a U-turn in the box.  The bike gets 24 ft. for the U-turn.  Then I had to draft Chuck for timing the quick stop.  A rider starts from a stop and accelerates to a speed of 12-18 miles per hour and at the stopping point must make a quick stop.  The rider is timed and the distance is measured and if the rider stops in the distance allowed by their speed, no points are scored.  The last exercise is the swerve.  Same starting point, the rider is timed and must swerve left or right around a line and stay within a side line.  You know which direction to go before you start.  Starting this year motorcyclists in Michigan that ride without a cycle endorsement (OCY) on their license will face the same penalties as a car driver without  a license.  That could be as high as a $500.00 fine and /or towing the bike. 


We have kicked-off our drive for awareness.  If we need to pay for it then let’s get it done.  I have had people turn left in front of me too many times.  We need to make it like, “Don’t Text and Drive” .  “Look Twice and Save a Life, Motorcycles are Everywhere.”  We need a push to make it happen.   It won’t happen if WE DON’T DO IT.

I want to thank the board for re-electing the current officers and thank Hot Rod for stepping up in the Awareness Program.      Get Ready for Spring.  Lansing Rally, May 31 at the state capital.  We will be doing the licensing demo from 9:00 am-11:30.  State Field Meet June 9,10,11 in Region 3.  Raffle Bike Tickets are available and help pay to keep us riding FREE.

Ride SAFE and FREE,