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            December Issue is here already and in last month’s Rider, I completely forgot to talk about Thanksgiving and all the good things that happen this time of the year. ABATE members are always in the right frame of mind when it comes to helping others be it motorcycle rights, Veterans, cancer victims, dog rescue or whatever. When we get together it’s always about what events are coming-up and looking forward to spending time with special people from each Region that we really care about. This coming Saturday is Veterans Day so hopefully you tried to do something for a veteran, no matter what it is. They have put their lives on the line so we can have the freedom to ride and live our lives how we see fit. December will have so many events coming up that it is usually party after party. Please be aware of what you’re doing. You can get a designated driver no matter where you go.

            I have been selling signs lately. Some people are giving them as Christmas presents and that is really cool! I had a family get fifty wristbands and some signs when their Stepdad was killed in an accident. It helped them feel better that they are doing something about motorcycle awareness by giving everyone a wristband that came to the funeral. I felt so bad for Laura but after we were done talking, she sent her brother to meet me in a parking lot at the Milan Coney and he said his sister wanted a hug because ABATE was doing all we could to help save lives.            I’m sure everyone has heard about our Legislative team and all the hard work on the Insurance bill that was voted down by our Legislators because we had the opportunity to hear from our Attorney Dondi from Buckfire and Buckfire, PC., how unfair it would have been for our motorcyclists. Thanks for your efforts and hard work.

            As I was writing for the Rider I heard the awful news about the shootings in Texas at a church. My goodness, what kind of sick individual would do such a despicable act of violence. Please pray or send positive energy to the families of the victims.

            ABATE members got together and we had a booth at the Novi Showplace motorcycle swap meet. We sold signs and had many bikers stop by to say hi and get applications to join ABATE. Some wanted to talk about their close calls and friends involved in accidents and didn’t know about all the work ABATE does for motorcyclists. I had two clubs get signs for the front of their building. I told them how much I appreciated what they were doing and they reciprocated the same feelings.

            Vince is in need of rider coaches so if you can find someone please call him and let him know. He lost a good friend and help is really needed. Sorry for your loss Vince.

            I hope all the ABATE members everywhere have a wonderful holiday season. Be Safe and always represent ABATE with respect and dignity.

May the road rise to meet you, and the wind always be at your back,

State Awareness Director,

Hot Rod          


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer: hotrodbeaton@gmail.com
Phone: 734 587-2087