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ABATE Awareness Donation
Your donation will go toward classroom & printed materials to help increase public awareness and safety of all motorcyclist.

ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

            Since I took this position of State Awareness Director of ABATE of Michigan I realize how unaware I was about the importance of motorcycle awareness with the general public. There is so much that could be worked on with the help of the State of Michigan since we got the funding to promote awareness, yet, it hasn’t happened! There hasn’t been one thing done yet that could possibly save lives. Wasting money on studies doesn’t do us any good. There are known areas that have the most crashes and it was brought up at the Motorcycle Action Safety team yet it went on deaf ears! Our President Vince was the only ABATE member there because I had the wrong date and didn’t make the meeting. I am very sorry for that. Vince would like to see signs and billboards about motorcycle awareness in those areas. I want public service announcements and messages at the Secretary of State offices. That could help immensely. Well, I am not going to give up. I will do all I can to get the word out.

            Deer hunting time is now. With bow hunting, those darn animals are running wild especially this time of the year. They are being chased and they don’t care where they go, so please be careful out there. Dusk and dawn are the worst time to be out. Also remember wet leaves and line markers on the road are slippery when wet, as well as people mowing their grass and blowing it on the roadway. This is illegal, yet they don’t care about our safety, so please be vigilant and be extra careful. The season for riding for most of us is coming to an end in Michigan and we don’t need anymore casualties among our organization.

            Just lately there was an accident that killed a husband and wife – Danny and Kathy Yensch – life members of ABATE in our area. They were such good people that it’s a shame and tragedy that we lost our brother and sister Region 18 members. The family is devastated and the entire community is mourning their loss. I’m certain that there are other Regions that have had this happen to them as well, so please try to do all you can to help spread the word about distracted driving, drunk driving and / or impaired driving and help make their loss a motivation for you to make awareness stronger in your community.

            I want to give a shout-out to Johnny Williams regarding your son, Karl Williams whom I had the pleasure talking with about awareness. He was polite, courteous, and well spoken when we talked and all I can say is you did a great job with your son!

            Awareness Coordinators in each Region, it’s time to start giving me your numbers so I can prepare everything I’m going to need for the State Seminar. In January, we will be having a break-out session at the seminar and all Coordinators will need to be there. Start working on ideas for awareness and how to spread the word and how to recruit more instructors in your area.         I have so much more I would like to write about but space is limited and I can’t stress enough that each and every member of ABATE of Michigan is special, important, and appreciated. Please be considerate with each other regardless of the how the elections turn out. We are a family oriented organization and we all need each other to protect those who have no voice. Those of us who believe in a God, may you be blessed and those who don’t have a wonderful day.

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,


State Awareness Director       


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:
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