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ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration 

It is very hard to get started trying to put together everything that has been going on lately. Since my last article we (Board of Directors) had a meeting in Lansing to discuss legislation regarding house bill to raise funding for safety and awareness. Because of the hard work that the legislative committee has done, there are positive results initiating a bill #4306. We are all very lucky to have Vince, Jim, Herb, Butch busting their butts to help get funding for awareness and safety. The pizza and pop event was well attended by so many of your State Representatives. I think there were 27 representatives who would co-sponsor a bill for safety and awareness. I did get a chance to talk with Ruth Johnson and it was very informative regarding awareness. Things are headed in the right direction. Let’s just hope we can continue the momentum in Lansing.

There are some very good ideas from other regions that have come up with ways to promote awareness throughout the State of Michigan and beyond. For example products like coasters, posters, mud flaps on semi trucks and billboards. Region 11 even has poker chips with “Look Twice Save A Life” on them which is really cool. I just saw them when a member from Region 11 handed me one while I was at the Soaring Eagle Casino meeting Henry Wiles who was the Pro Flat Track Racing Champion in 2009 and is still riding today at flat tracks across the country. I had set-up a meeting with him so ABATE could possibly get recognized on national television. This year NBC will be covering races across America and it is projected that 85 million viewers will be watching those races and now that I got him to sign up as an ABATE member with Region 21 with Will Brown he will be a good promoter for ABATE depending on how much money I can come up with to put a patch on his jacket or sticker on his motorcycle or something on one of his helmets it would be exclusive exposure for ABATE. I’m really excited to for Region 21 to have a celebrity wanting to help in any way he can is awesome.

By the time the April issue comes out for us to read there won’t be much time for all the regions to get with their county and townships to start contacting the local mayors and supervisors to get the proclamations in place for motorcycle awareness month. This brings so much attention to the local areas that it helps us with motorists being aware of motorcycles and sharing the road with us and being careful when making a left turn at intersections.

We recently went to a motorcycle swap meet at the Novi Showplace Center and had some very good luck with signing up members and selling yard signs, key chains and wrist bands. We could hardly keep up with everyone who came by our booth. Thanks to George and Pam Fischer, Vince, George and Barb Bennett, Tony Pinhead (the real Mexican), and Uncle Sam, Eric, Shiny Bob, Hot Rod Sally (products) and Denise and I.

I am currently in negotiations with a vendor for ink pens and bumper stickers and coasters and when I get a better competitive price, I will be getting those out to Regions as soon as possible. Once again, thank you Dondi. Members across Michigan have been sending donations to Eric Eads and it is very appreciated for awareness.

Please be careful out there when the weather permits. Take care all and may the road Rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back!


State Awareness Director,
Hot Rod


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer: hotrodbeaton@gmail.com
Phone: 734 587-2087