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            So sad! Thunder Road magazine is putting out this last issue for the month of September! I travel all over the State of Michigan and bikers always let me know how they found-out about special events everywhere. So now what are bikers gonna do when it comes time to ride and you have nothing going on, no yard work, no graduation parties, no idea what could be going on in your own area. Sad! Sad!

            Today is August 8th and all the results are in and now it’s time to help get your candidate elected come this November. I don’t care who you support just try as hard as you can to ask him / her if they support motorcycle rights that help us all whether you belong to a club, organization or a lone wolf. You can do your part by getting involved and it doesn’t cost you a darn thing - just some effort and a lot of concern.

            Monday the 6th of August ABATE President Vince Consiglio, State Awareness Director Hot Rod, and Board Members George Bennett and George Fischer rode on the Senator Gary Peters’ run from ABC Harley in Waterford to Vasser, MI. I had a great conversation with Sen. Peters regarding the nation wide committee he is on with State Rep. Tim Walberg and some important issues about profiling, fuel standards, insurance reform and I was really satisfied with the answers he gave me. I had a chance to ride with Region 15 on their Poker Run and also help Sass with Region 18 at the Monroe County Fair and really enjoyed both events.

            I saw on the news that there were two deaths at the Sturgis Rally – how devastating. Like I’ve been preaching that when you e out on your bike, you represent all of us whether you know it or not. Please drive responsibly and respectfully. There is nothing better or more enjoyable in this environment than to be with all my ABATE members when we get a chance to be together and swap stories and talk about motorcycles and places you’ve been to.

            We have our Memorial Ride coming up August 12th and so far it’s a short list of members in our Region and let’s keep it that way. Our Region is not afraid to say something to one of us if you had too much to drink. We truly care for each other and enjoy a good ride. I care for all bikers and wish you good times and good health!

            Jody – Thank You for allowing me to be in Thunder Road and I hope the vendors see just how much their missing out on by not advertising in Thunder Road magazine.

            One last thing - if you want to have a good time and camp out and listen to the band “Torn”, come join us Labor Day weekend Friday August 31st and Saturday September 1st. You will have a good time! We’ll be at Wood Farm, 9824 Darling Road, Milan MI 48160. Call George Bennett at 734-323-1827 for more details.

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

Hot Rod

ABATE State Awareness Director     


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