The seminar was everything I had hoped it would be. From the participation we had in the break-out session for Awareness and all the Instructors getting together in one room and throwing out ideas on how we can make awareness better in each region was the one thing I had hoped for and was excited with all the enthusiasm that was coming from everyone. I was not feeling very well with the bad throat infection and flu bug that almost prevented me from doing my thing and talking with everyone across the State, but everyone was very courteous and kind. That is exactly what it takes to be an instructor and teach classes or going around and handing out tri-folds about awareness at swap meets, county fairs or motorcycle rallies so they can spread the word to the general public. I have to thank Midget for her homemade chicken soup - man that girl can cook. It was delicious!  Everyone got their supplies and when the time comes to get more, please give me time to get them for you before you run out.

I have a special request for anyone that can make a VCR tape for our video “A Second Look”. The only copies we have are on DVD’s and I have a Region who can only use a VCR tape for classes. Please contact me and I will help you any way I can. It would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that everyone can make it to the Field Meet this year since we are going to have a very special guest from Insane Throttle – James “Hollywood” Macecari. He has a video magazine podcast on YouTube and he is coordinating a motorcycle rally all the way from Wisconsin, Chicago, Indiana to film our Field Meet and make the world “Aware of Motorcycles”. He is world-wide everyone! If you can, watch him in action. He is all about ABATE! Bikers have been calling from all across the country wanting to join ABATE in different States because they didn’t know how to. We will be putting together an escort to welcome him to Wolverine where the Field Meet will be held and we are so excited to have him come here. If you want to be a part of something special, we will be putting out more information regarding this awesome historic one-time event. You will get the chance to be on YouTube, Twitter, iHeart Radio, and all his other venues that go world-wide. With his help regarding Motorcycle Awareness and ABATE of Michigan, we are gonna do a lot of good! We did a segment with him at the Seminar and with the help with my ABATE Brother, Jeff Fulghum, it was a smash hit. Vince, Tiffany with MRF, Mike with AMA, our own Pam Fischer, Jim Rhodes, Jinx and myself, Hollywood had us doing interviews and giving opinions on profiling and the State Awareness Fund and he has had a lot of replies to the two part series. Go to his website and see the ABATE of Michigan series!

I want to thank Joe and Laurie Drogowski, Bob and Dawn Kenyon, George and Barb Bennett, Cupcake and all the Region RC’s who are helping Awareness become more visible by helping, handing out supplies, and everything you guys do. Denise and I are very appreciative.

May the road rise to meet you and the wind always be at your back,

State Awareness Director


Contact State of Michigan ABATE Awareness Officer:

Rod "Hot Rod" Beaton
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January 6, 2019

​From President Vince Consiglio 


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