The Helmet Bill SB-291 was passed today at around 12:30. To the credit of the board members there and our lobbyist Noel Laporte the bill was saved from a barrage of attempts for amendments to bump the PIP requirement back up to $100,000.00. In the end the Republican leadership, Lt. Governor, and 24 Senators got the job done.

Roll Call

Yeas (24)

Anderson, Brandenburg, Casperson, Caswell, Colbeck, Emmons, Gleason, Green, Hildenbrand, Hopgood, Hune, Hunter, Jansen, Johnson, Jones, Kowall, Meekhof, Pavolov, Richardville, Robertson, Rocca, Smith, Walker, Young.

Nays (14)

Bieda, Booher, Gregory, Hansen, Hood, Kahn, Marleau, Moolenaar, Nofs, Pappageorge, Proos, Schuitmaker, Warren, Whitmer.

Make sure and extend a thanks to your Senator for supporting our bill. Take note next election of those who did not.

The Bill will now to go to Governor Snyder. He has 14 days to sign or veto the bill.

This is the third time we have gotten this far. Granholm vetoed it twice.

Governor Snyder has made no public comment for or against the bill.
Now it the time to let him know your desire as a citizen of this state. 



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