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September 2016



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ABATE Awareness Donation

Your donation will go toward classroom & printed materials to help increase public awareness and safety of all motorcyclist.

ABATE OF MICHIGAN would like to Thank You in advance for your kind consideration
and donation.

AWARENESS (noun): Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development.

Are you really aware of who, what and where your interest in ABATE really is? And to what level you are willing to commit to? It is a reality that some individuals like to participate in events but donít want to put the time or effort into making things better, like volunteering which is what we are a big part of. Putting on classes, helping sell signs, getting more involved with all the other regions. Do you really have a concern about the helmet laws being repealed? All the hard work being done by a select few is not going to cut-it. I really donít know what the answer is to get members to realize that laws against bikers, insurance premiums, licensing, restrictions could very easily get enacted, but because ABATE works hard to prevent laws become enacted against us every little bit you could do would go a long way to help keep us free from all the restrictions and costs that would come with them. I realize just how much I enjoy riding since the loss of my son. It is a good release for me and Denise. We truly enjoy being ourselves. The outpouring of love, care and concern that was shown to us from the ABATE Family was more that I can put down on pen and paper. I couldnít possibly tell everyone how much it meant to us to have friends who dress like us, act like us, socialize like us, and ride like us. The gatherings and events are a good and wonderful way to help cope with our awful situation. Thanks to all ABATE members who really care. Just imagine if we were restricted or told we couldnít do events or ride where we wanted to go. Imagine having motorcycle check stops and being treated like outlaws. Are you really informed with legislation trying to be passed or do you just let someone else do the volunteering and hard work? Yes you will have to go out of your way heaven-forbid! There are so many ABATE members I have met that are very intelligent and are well informed on issues. We sure could use your help however you decide to do it - PLEASE. To all of the Awareness Coordinators who are teaching classes, the RCís who are selling signs in their Region, to Vince for making awareness more of an issue trying to save lives, to all the Directors on the Board, the Appointees and everyone that has something to do with trying to save lives, you have made my involvement with ABATE a real pleasure. Please everyone, do something to make a difference. I truly appreciate having ABATE a part of my life. Do you really have an interest in our particular situation? Are you well aware? You can be!!!

P.S. WOW! Did you get a chance yet to see the traveling ďLook Twice Save A LifeĒ sign on the G.W. Hawk Trucking Company Trailers?  Oh my goodness! They are awesome exposure for bikers. My special thanks goes out to Jinx and Pat for their hard work with Region 13 to get this awesome opportunity to save lives. Great, great job Jinx, Pat and Region 13. You have done a great service to ABATE and everyone who rides. Thank you so much.

Hot Rod,

State Awareness Director

Just got back from the Freedom Rally and was glad to see all the ABATE Brothers and Sisters that were there. The one thing that impressed me the most was seeing all the Officers and Board of Director members present. Their commitment to ABATE of MI is just outstanding. Vince, you always do your part just like a leader should do. Butch, Herb, Tim, Jim, Eric, Mimi and especially Gerry Spomer, who rode all the way from the U.P. - you guys / gal show what it takes to lead fellow bikers and really mean it - Thank You! Brothers and Sisters donít think for one minute Iím blowin' smoke up their tail pipes. I have been in leadership position most of my adult life and I appreciate what they do.

Lately there have been too many accidents and deaths to fellow bikers and it is very upsetting to me since itís my responsibility to get the word out to ďLOOK TWICE AND SAVE A LIFE.Ē I am sorry if I canít get the help of the media. I tried e-mails and phone calls but they donít seem to think that awareness is an important issue. They would rather talk about the helmet repeal law and we are all dying because we arenít wearing a helmet.

In America we are constantly being attacked by the Federal Government who want to tell us how to do everything from which way to walk to how you should enjoy your freedom. Bikers are always asked to do something for an organization; fire hall, family who fell on hard times, American Legion Riders protecting soldiers who came home in a coffin to protecting our freedoms, to help a community with a fundraiser. Yet we canít get our Legislators to create a fund to help get out the AWARENESS PROGRAM so more of us can ride without fear. ABATE members are the most generous people Iíve ever met. We may not have a lot to give but we give something from the heart which is priceless!

When Iím teaching classes I hear these 14 and 15 year olds ask about ABATE and say to me how much their family members have heard about ABATE and I really enjoy that! I heard from the club called Iron Coffins and said how much they appreciated what awareness means to them.

Lil John from the COC thank you for all you do. We are all on the same page and when little issues regarding bikers get erased then sooner or later there will be no pages to turn.

Eric, hope all is well for your medical issue and look forward to seeing you soon.

I will work as hard as I can to promote awareness and like I said at the Freedom Rally, please do all you can by talking to anyone who will listen, ďLOOK TWICE AND SAVE A LIFE MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!Ē

State Awareness Director,

Hot Rod



ABATE of Michigan, Inc. is committed to making the general public aware of motorcycles on the roads in Michigan.  One of the ways to achieve a lower accident/fatality rate is to  educate the new driver.  Driver Education instructors are inviting ABATE Awareness Instructors into their classrooms to teach their students important factors on how to prevent accidents involving motorcycles. By making the general public aware of motorcycles on the road, accidents and fatalities will be reduced.


 LOOK TWICE -  SAVE A LIFE Ė Motorcycles are Everywhere

For more information call: Hot Rod 734 587 2087